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About me Hello

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'm a huge pokemon fan. And i have a dog named Presley & I've collected most of the pokemon games so far & will collect many more upcoming game's in the future,

My road to pokemon ends here reason i ask is due to just to be remembered reason there may not be anoother user like me and i hope my journey continues maybe not as a user but at least with Pikachu!

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As Most of You People Know I'm Also A Huge Fan Of Ash's pokemon from the begining upto now. I also take care of everyday life as well regarding anime at points and so on that will be updated when i can. - If i can. -

Memories:Our cat Liley passed away

KC Royals won there 2014 Super Bowl i remember! - Which i liked! -

KC Chiefs won the 2020 super Bowl

My departure

A bit about me: 

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Favorites Songs when it comes to Friday's lol this one!


Pokemon i've used over the generations

Pikachu(X) Dragonite Gengar Lucario(M) Sirfetch'd Dragovish

Rotating in/out:

Box 1 - 29 pokemon - noting the ( ) will count each box of 29

(Pikachu) Butterfree Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charizard Squirtle

Kingler Raticate Haunter Primeape Muk Rapidash

Porygon Arbok Weeziing Meowth Taruos Mimey

Togetic Pidgeotto Ferrow Oddish Slowbro Mankey

Clefairy Starmie Horsea Jigglypuff Alakazam Ditto

Box 2 - 29 pokemon also each you see will be Pikachu's place on 29 pokemon with a hat of each region Hoenn to now

Pikachu(H) No. 6 Lapras Snorlax Lugia Heracross

Hoothoot Bellsprout Bayleef Mewtwo Quilava Houndour

Staryu Psyduck Totodile Nocrowl Beedrill Seaking

Suicune Mantine Lugia Arkey Donfan Pikachu Lapras

Larvitar Latias Pidgeot Swellow Secptile Corphish

Box 3 - 29 - Stopping point for now will continue later tonight

Pikachu(S) Hitmonlee Togetic Ludicolo Marshtop Flygon

Torkoal Groudon Glalie Mew Lucario Ho-oh

Bagon Manaphy Staraptor Torterra Infernape Buizel

Gliscor - to etc reason i won't continue from here due to there is more so everyone knows..

My dreams:

Have pretty much been achieved as a:

Production Associate at Goodwill - I love it there i can't say anything else.

Friends - Deeply i apologies i can't be active reason alot has happened and due to this all happening i love pokemon and etc but due to everything happening there won't be another user like me.

Admins - Other then myself to all i truly am apologizing for all the mistakes all the errors i did and hope to be forgiven in someway. any way possible down deeply i don't know if there will be another me as a user but i hope everyone loves it here in regards when i was a moderator or not. Sorry wards can't tell ow much this means to me deeply.

Where will i go - i don't know -

Trainer Micah 2 - Trainer Micah - Trainer Mike Bot