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I'm a huge pokemon fan & Hope to get ton's of friend's on this site & hope to new genaration's user's as they come. I have a dog named Presley & I've collected most of the pokemon games so far & will collect many more upcoming game's in the future.

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As Most of You People Know I'm Also A Huge Fan Of Ash's Flyer's As Well As His Other Pokemon & I Also Care for them as well that what trainer i am right buddy (Star Star Staraptor) hahaha

- Our cat Liley passed away so moving on.

- We now have a Siberian husky Presley!

- KC Royals won there 2014 Super Bowl i remember!

- noting i dedicated that win to my cat's passing!.  Honoring her memory sense she passed-

- KC Chiefs won the 2020 super Bowl just now@

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Caption winner 3rd place: ⭐

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