aka Evan

  • I live in the Fantendoverse
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Wikia editor and fan of video games! All video games are uniquely great in their own way!
  • I am Male

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Made by: StarGazeDreamer. Thank you so much!

About me
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I was also one of the qualified DragonSouls members from 7.11.2018 to 7.4.2019. Great job to everyone who made it to the title of DragonSoul.

Check out my favorite music from Video Games here!

"Well, somebody has to tend to all seven of these Lucky Eggs!"

-Nurse Joygglypuff

I miss all of my old Wikia friends...


Current Pokémon


  • Sobble
  • Drizzile
  • Inteleon
  • Oddish
  • Gloom
  • Vileplume
  • Hatenna
  • Hattrem
  • Hatterene

Stuff I've Made

Pokémon by Designer
Designer Pokémon
Ken Sugimori 002003035081082092093094102103130131143150163172185255256257380381382383479483484506508538539631632716717
Takao Unno 293294295390391392418445445M453509511513515566627628638639640
Mana Ibe 494507554555587592593610611612618707
Keiko Moritsugu 561579599600601643644
Kenkichi Toyama 452
James Turner 582583584622623629630708709794799803804
Atsuko Nishida 001004005006006M007008013014015025026026A037038043044045060061062069070071077078134147148196197401402470471517518546547548549570571572573588700
Hironobu Yoshida 202206251384386467491479D809
Motofumi Fujiwara 133135136479E
Tomohiro Kitakaze 006M150M2543544545616
Muneo Saitō 243244245
Tomohiko Ōkubo 624625
Misaki Hashimoto 808
Hiroki Fuchino 479C527553
Hitoshi Ariga 015M074A075A076A088A089A675686687679680681B696697698699736737738774780800U821822823
Emi Yoshida 440
Megumi Mizutani 674778
Kensaku Nabana 767768
Reiko Tanoue 495496497519540
Yusuke Ohmura 393394395479F501502503602603604646A646B656657658716717888A889A
Shigeki Morimoto 050051052056149151213221
Saya Tsuruta 531595596661662682683704705706755756876876A
Hyunjung Lee 479B498499500522523585A586A659


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Fakemon Dex (In Progress)

Best Showdown Wins

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