aka タ マ

  • I live in Vietnam
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is a student, Anime fan
  • I am female

About me Hello


Hi, my name is Tama (タマ), I'm from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam (I'm 100% Vietnamese). I like to do drama acting, doing presentations in front of the class. My favorite color is blue, I like to live in the cold weather but not hot weather. My favorite food are okonomiyaki and takoyaki, while my favorite drinks are coffee and tea. I hate doing tests/exams, homework, (ESPECIALLY on the weekends and on holidays), I have no scene of fashion, naming, direction, leader ship.

  • Watching anime
  • Reading manga
  • Eating food
  • Animals
  • Playing with my pets and Pokémon games
  • Listening to i☆Ris songs, watching their live broadcast videos

  • Pretty Cure
  • Pri Para
  • Pretty Rhythm
  • Pokémon (though I play the games a lot more than watching the anime)
  • Naruto
  • Digimon
  • Detective Conan
  • Zettai Karen Children
  • Bleach

My Pokémon Teams


Least "10" Favorite Pokémon

I'm sorry if your favorite Pokémon is on my list, but this is MY perspective about them, and you can disagree with me if you want, I don't mind, it's just that these Pokémon are not my favorite, at all. I either don't want to use them or face them in battle, and some will be consist of evolution lines.


Cubone's PokéDex entry makes no sense to me. "It wears a skull of its dead mother on its head." That's creepy, sure, having a dead mother is sad, even in the Origins. Not every mother die after she give birth to you, am mean, how many Marowak die after laying a Pokémon Egg to her Cubone? Does that means that every Cubone has a dead mother, and does your Cubone die after it evolve into a Marowak? HAVING A DEAD MOTHER DOESN'T MAKE YOU ANOTHER SPECIES.


To me, Watchhog's design is fairly okay at first glance, but when I took a closer look at this thing, its eyes scared me the most. It looks like its being drunk from a druk test. And when I battled this thing for my second Gym Badge in Black, it destroyed my lovely Tranquill, and it almost took out my beloved Servine, as well, using its Hypnosis. It was a horrible experience for me and my team.<p>


When I played Crystal and had my final Gym Battle with Clair, her Dragonair weren't much of trouble, but Kingdra was. It used all high-damaging attacks (Smoke Screen-to reduce my team's accuracy, and Hyper Beam to finish them off) and being a combination of Water and Dragon types, the only weakness it has was Dragon-attacks, and the only TWO Pokémon in the entire game which you can get: Dratini and a Horsea (which of course you need to train it to Seadra and trade the thing with it holding a Dragon Scale). The same thing repeated when I battled Juan's Kingdra, especially when it uses Rest... to get all of its freaking health back just when I thought we're going to beat it. It was tough.


This thing has been very ANNOYING, for anyone who play the Johto region, your third Gym Leader, Whitney uses this milk cow thing. The attacks it has are Stomp, Milk Drink, Rollout, Attract. For Rollout, the attack just gets stronger every time it uses it. Stomp, your team can flinch, FLINCH, it IS annoying to have that. Milk Drink, when Whitney run out Potions, she can use this freaking move to get its HP back. Attract, I don't think I need to mention it as you can just see my teams' gender above.


An ice cream cone. The thing is a *** floating vanilla ice cream cone, with two freaking heads. It looks creepy, and every time I battled this thing, all I could think of is having a Lickitung or a Lickilicky finishing it off for me, although Vanillite is kinda cute, but not is evolution chain. Its design is hideous

Exeggcute and Exeggutor

Exeggcute is a pile of six freaking pink eggs which evolve into a coconut tree with three freaking creepy faces. It doesn't make any *** sense to me about their evolution chain, I'm mean, eggs don't turn into trees/plants, but hatch into birds, fish and reptiles, or Pokémon in this case. And I just can't tell what these things are really base on, eggs or seeds (reading the PokéDex entry from games to games), which one it is?. The coconut tree is the eggs' evolution form. Really nice, it's just so nice that I don't know what to say from it. A bunch of eggs evolve into a coconut tree. I think because it's the first generation and Game Freak didn't have much ideas back then...

Trubbish and Garbodor

They are based on trash bags, a pile of *** trash, really Game Freak? Trash bags? Ice cream cones, and now trash bags? I can't stand it. Every time I trained in Unova Route 5, the last Pokémon I want to see is Trubbish, cuz, you know, my starter of the region is... Snivy and that's kinda obivious why I don't wanna see it, also Route 5 is where I need Servine to evolve into Serperior. And their design, creepy looking, the only words I can describe them are creepy trash bags.

Yamask, Cofagrigus, Drifloon, Spiritomb and Phantump

To say this briefly, what was mentioned in their PokéDex entries creeps me out, a lot.


This thing can learn one attack, and one attack only: Hidden Power. When I played Crystal, I caught all 26 forms of this thing, and a Shiny one. But once I checked it moves, the only attack popped up was Hidden Power, I'm mean, hundreds of other Pokémon can learn this move, and why does this thing even have an attack stats (72)? It can only use Special Attacks, and NO Psychical ones, at all. It was a waste of my time trying to catching all the forms and they can do Hidden Power. At first, I thought each forms could perform different attacks, but... NO, only *** Hidden Power. 

Mr. Mime

To me, Mr. Mime's design is hideous, it looks creepy enough to make me want to kill it immediately every freaking time when I'm in any of the Battle Frontier battles. Why the *** does this thing even exist, what purpose does this thing do to trainers, creep them out? It's name is a complete ***, why would you spell its name like that? We know it is obviously from a mime. And Mr? How many percentage of this thing is a female? 50% male, and 50% female, so why the *** MR? It's not like the thing is 100% male, what if Ash's mother's Mr Mime is a female? Clowns and mimes creeps me out. And this thing's feet, are those shoes or feet looked like humans' shoes?


Jynx, it looks like *** with its lips. The body design is completely ***, it the thing wearing a dress? To me, design a Pokémon looks like human clothing a dumb idea, and its hair, looks creepy, especially the face, and not to mention the upper body part, what kind of idea is making the upper body of this thing looked like a female's. I just don't get why Game Freak would design something as hideous as this, and Mr. Mime.

Chansey and Blissey

These *** things gave me a very tough time when I was playing Emerald.

  • 1: Their HP are completely insane.
  • 2: Every time Armaldo managed to get their HP down, they used *** Softboiled to get their *** HP back.
  • 3: In some battles, they even held Leftovers. I struggled a lot in the Battle Factory, cuz... I don't get to use my team to fight, but borrowed which ever Pokémon are available, and the options given were ridiculously ***. It was hard enough to battle other Pokémon I hate, but then one of these *** were sent out, I wish my Armaldo was there to save me from this thing. I had to put up a lot to defeat them.
  • 4: Sometimes, the moves combination are insane. Leaving *** Softboiled and Attract aside other moves random other moves that different ones have like Defense Curl, WHY? It's not like their HP is not enough, now they made their Defense rose. Double-edge, pretty much make them have recoils and all, but that's not a lot, compared to how their *** HP are set.

So they not only have the highest HP stat, they have *** Softboiled, and sometimes, they even got Leftovers, random ones just have moves that could make you quit the battle.


This goddamn electric mouse's got too much spotlight in the anime EVERY SINGLE FREAKING EPISODE and MOVIE, with the exception of some Special episodes. It is unfair for Ash's other Pokémon who are on the team for particular region. Every time when he forget his PokéBalls, the mouse gets the spotlight because it's always out of it freaking ball, over and over again for more than 900 episodes, just why?.

Top "10" Favorite Pokémon

More than 1 is mentioned in the ranking, because I can't decide which one I like more than other, so they have the same ranking.


I love the design of this Serperior, a lot, despite the attack stat is low, the defense and speed made up for that space, even though I can't find any strong moves for him to learn (until I played Black).


When I first caught a Shinx, I thought he was cute. The color design and all that was cool. Luxio wasn't what I was expecting little Shinx to evolve into, but then Luxio evolved into Luxray, I just love to use him over and over. Especially in my fourth Gym Battle, along side my Sinnoh Starter partner.


I love his cuteness, I loved how he looked, but a bit frustrated when he didn't have any Electric-attacks even though, like you all know, he's an Electric-type. So I had to play in the Celadon Game Corner to get Thunderbolt for him before battle Team Rocket, but over all, he was an important member of my FireRed team.


I just loved Houndoom's design (based on a hell dog), it was hard for me to deal with the Pokémon Leaugue in Crystal without my sixth member, so I had to go through the League, wait until I got to Route 7 and waited until night time to get a Houndour, which took a long time and evolved him into a lovely Houndoom and battle the League with my full team.


Staraptor was the first Flying-type Pokémon I had that was able to learn a Fighting-type move (Close Combat). His design is awesome, a cute little Starly evolved into a cooler-looking Staravia and he evolved into a majestic-looking Staraptor. He helped me a lot for my second, fourth Gym Badges, thought it was quite painful to use him against Melene's Lucario.


He looks cute when I caught him as a Buizel, he may have lost his cuteness when he evolved, but gain the coolness in him. He was useful for me throughout the game (mainly because of Surf), but I think his design is awesome.


Arcanine is my all-time favorite Fire-type Pokémon. I love dogs, and when I first encounter a Growlithe, I felt like I had to catch the cute-looking dog, and when I learned that Growlithe can evolve into an Arcanine, I bought a Fire Stone for him, the only trobule was I had to do the same thing for him like Jolteon (Celadon Game Corner) to get Flamethrower, at that time, I kinda want to use him for my forth Gym Badge so I need to get Flamethrower. (With the help of Pidgeot), Growlithe managed to help me earn my forth Gym Badge.


Armaldo has great color design, he is too cool. When I first received an Anorith, I thought he was... well, not cute and his color design was not really cool-looking. But when I tried to train him to level 40 and he evolved, all my negative thoughts about him was gone the moment I saw Armaldo. Plus out of my Hoenn team, he really helped me out in my battles with the Pokémon I hate the most, while others couldn't.


After watching Movie 8, I can't help it but felt in love of how cool Lucario is. I had to wait for a very long time in Platinum to get a Riolu egg from Riley, then I had to make him happy during day time (which was pretty annoying), but in the end seeing Riolu evolved into a Lucario made my efforts worth it.


After my Number 1, I think Torterra got the second best design for fully evolved starter. The colors are amazing, he can learn a bunch of helpful moves throughout the game, and he was my power house in Platinum. Plus, he learned Earthquake right after evolving from Grotle, that was awesome.


Garchomp is not only cool-looking, but amazingly strong, as well. He made a good combo with Torterra when there's a double battle. Gible was a bit slow, but when he evolved into a Garchomp, his attack was off the chart, he managed to took out Cynthia's Garchomp with his first attack, Dragon Rush when I first battled her.


Haxorus was amazing throughout Black (not until I caught him in Mistralton Cave). He was like the leader of my Unova team, his attack was off the chart, not so much when it comes to defense and speed (left that to Serperior), but at the end of the day, he deserves more credits than Serperior.


When I played Emerald, Latios was like my partner's partner. The two did great combo attacks, and because of Latios' lovely ability, my Number 1 partner was able to do Earthquake easily, while he attack other foes, and just like with Houndoom, I had to battle the Pokémon League first, but more tiring because unlike Houndour, you have to run all over Hoenn to search for him.


The first Pokémon game I played was Emerald, and I chose Treecko for my starter. He was incredibly cute, his speed was off the chart, not so much in defense stat, so I always had to use the X Defense for him, but overall, we shared a lot of history with each other, he was my best partner. And I just LOVE his Mega Evolution, especially his tail, looks kinda like a Christmas tree. Plus, he was the first Pokémon I trained to level 100, so he was the motivation for me to train the rest and other teams from different games to level 100.

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