• Bio Hi I'm a person with low self-esteem and nothing to live for

    Wattpad: @SuperBean24
    Showdown: *Same as username*
    Discord: Shiny Gallade#5027
    DeviantArt: SuperBean24
    Roblox: MrBobertson
    YouTube: * beans (

    Freshman in high school? Yes, hate me all you want

    Favorite Pokémon: Gallade, Dawn Wings, Zeraora, Gardevoir, Luxray, Lunala, Zoroark, Shedinja, Amped Toxtricity, Cramorant, Ultra Necrozma, etc..

    Favorite Mega Man characters: Axl and Copy X

    (Pfp made by me, but the model is from the 3ds games and slightly edited by me)
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About me Hello
I don't really know what to put here, uh-

First of all, I'm a casual Pokémon player, so I'm not big into IVs, EVs, Natures, Held Items, or things like that. It's all super confusing anyway.

If it isn't obvious for whatever reason, Gallade is my favorite Pokémon.

My first ever Pokémon game was Y, and I've learned/memorized a lot since then. I've memorized all 800+ Pokémon, and some items and moves, type match-ups, etc. Just because my first game wasn't Black and White or anything before that doesn't mean I don't know a lot.

And yes, I made my profile picture. I didn't get it off the Internet, and it isn't anywhere on the Internet; at least it shouldn't be..

You're welcome


Just a few of my favorites :)

Favorite Pokémon (There's a lot, sorry) Userboxes
(A lot of them are underrated)
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Favorite songs ('Cause why not?)

Not important but thought I'd put it here anyway

Clams Casino-I'm God (The Kidswaste remix is also pretty good. In addition, it was posted on my birthday!)

Crystal Castles-Kept

Halsey-Colors (I also like Part 2)

Imagine Dragons-Zero (And Natural as well)

Bridgit Mendler-Hurricane

Caravan Palace-Plume


Lady Gaga-Poker Face

Petit Biscuit-Sunset Lover

The 1975-Chocolate

One Direction-Story of My Life (Slowed down)

Mother Mother-Back In School


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