Selin Lucy

aka Juvia,Masuzu,Mikasa,Alice

  • I live in Wonderland :3
  • My occupation is being fangirl. Fulltime job. :3 Especially Andy Biersack.
  • I am Rin Okumurar's fangirl ❤ HE'S MINE!! :3 Don't even try to steal him! -kills you with eyes- Hope you get it. ^_^

Hello, this is User:Miu Ousawa's other profile. :)

Selin Lucy


Hello, Welcome to Miu Ousawa's Playground! My name is Selin and I've been a fan of Pokemon since episode 1 of the anime. My friends call me Selly, Sel, Selin77 Lucy or Amu. Lucy-because I like Nyuu (Lucy) from Elfen Lied and Lucy from Fairy Tail. Amu, because she is my favorite anime character. And, Fairy Tail and Shugo Chara are really my two favorite animes/mangas. I am the founder of bulgarian and turkish Fairy Tail wiki. I really love Shugo Chara, I am founder of bulgarian and turkish Shugo Chara wiki, too. I am big fan of Pokemon, and this is one of my favorite animes and mangas. :) And, I am a founder of turkish Pokemon Wiki, too. But I will active there, because I want help. And, maybe you think, why my friends call me Selin77? Because I play Pokemon Diamond Version game on Nintendo DS. And I play this game 4 years. My nickname in Pokemon Diamond Version is SELIN77. Now, I have Dialga on game and I am happy, but I can't find Drifloon to complete my Pokedex. If you know where I can find Drifloon, please, write on my Talk Page!

I've been a member of this wiki since June 2013.

I say, I am fan number one of all animes, because a watched anime when I was baby to this days. :) Really, I can't live without anime, because this is world for me. I love anime and manga. This is my hobbie. My first manga was Luxus by Judith Park. :) My first anime was Pokémon, and I watched this when I was little baby. (maybe 2 months). My mom say it.

And I want to thank Moonbird, because she give me this code to make this box. :) You are the best, Moonbird!


Some Stuff About Me

  • I like riding bike. This is so funny. I really like to write some things and I like reading books.
  • I love to have time with my friends. I like to study. I like to go to school. I like watching Shugo Chara.
  • I like watching yaoi. This is strange, maybe but I thing gender have not matter, because love is love. Love is just love, and age and gender have not matter. Eventually when partner is 30 years bigger this is not normal, of course. 10 years are max.
  • Pokemon is one of my favorite anime/manga!

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