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Top 35

Every time a new Pokemon game comes out, I make a list of the 35 pokemon I think are most useful in that generation. Because Black and White has not been released, this list is for the Unova region.

35. Musharna

Psychic types are always useful to have in battle. Also, Musharna is adorable.

34. Golurk

The Ghost-Ground combo has not been frequently used, so any trainer should have Golurk in their party.

33. Stunfisk

The only Electric-Ground pokemon will be an ultimate powerhouse against any Pokemon.

32. Durant

Although very ineffective against Fire and Water, Durant's mandibles will shine bright in battle.

31. Archeops

A great new addition to the Dinosaur pokemon, although low in Special Defense.

30. Escavalier

Being Bug and Rock gives some mismatches, but it is still useful.

29. Cinccino

Although Normal Pokemon are not often powerful, Cinccino will be a good fighter for generations to come.

28. Simisage

With all the Fire pokemon in the Unova Region, this one won't make the Top 20. But still, Grass types have special powers.

27. Beartic

Ice is often affected badly against multiple types, but Beartic's special attack shows its resilience.

26. Garbodor

Lazy, run-down, low on attack and defense. But I love poison types :-)

25. Gigalith

Rock-types are hurt by many things, but like Beartic, Gigalith is resilient.

24. Reuniclus

As I said, Psychics are always useful, but Reuniclus has a LOT more Special attack than Musharna.

23. Conkeldurr

Its bricks aren't the only part of it that's tough to break. With Special Defense aplenty, it's almost impossible to beat this one.

22. Carracosta

Another great addition to the Dinosaur Pokemon, this Rock-Water combo is an elite force.

21. Vanilluxe

Two heads are better than one is what they say, and that's true about Vanilluxe. Double the attack, double the defense, double the speed.

20. Amoongus

Rumored to be poison. Highly effective against most types.

19. Scoliopede

Enough Special Defense to last a mile, and it's a bug type.

18. Darmanitan

Fire types often have high attack.

17. Seismitoad

A powerful Water/Fighting combination, and not too bad with Speed.

16. Haxorus

An elite Dragon monster, this Pokemon is sure to please.

15. Stoutland

Normal types in B&W will receive more recognition, especially with the fangs on this puppy.

14. Galvantula

The second Electric-Bug Pokemon (only to Joltik) will be an ultimate force.

13. Serperior/Samurott/Emboar

All three have potential within their types. They may go down as the best starters in Pokemon history.

12. Bouffalant

I don't care if it didn't end up as the evolved form of Tauros, it's a hard hitter in all categories.

11. Braviary

The best flying type on the list. Will show potential if you decide to catch one.


10. Chandelure

With the Fire/Ghost combo, it would definitely hold a candle for your party (No pun intended)

9. Terrakion

The mismatch of Rock/Fighting will actually improve your roster.

8. Druddigion

Another awesome dragon, this hothead will show a true power force on the field.

7. Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus

Gods aren't just for Yu-Gi-Oh. This trio of the elements would be the best combo.

6. Throh/Sawk

As fighting types, these martial arts masters will make you say "Hai-OW!!!"

5. Cofagrigus

I've been waiting for this Pokemon since the HOENN REGION!!! It's finally here, and revealed to be powerful.

4. Victini

The Psychic/Fire mismatch is good, but not as good as expected. In the Top 5, but not Top 3.

3. Zebstrika

Normal types have improved greatly, but this one is also electric.

2. Reshiram/Zekrom

The main legendaries of the game, but not #1. You'll see who is if you look below.

1: Kyurem

The Rock/Flying combination is another mismatch that makes it worth catching. It's not #1 because it's legendary, but because this pokemon shows you, as a trainer, it has a heart, and it is a total powerhouse. Catch it, and you'll truly be the ultimate trainer.

Past Number 1's:

Kanto: Mewtwo

Johto: Meganium/Typhlosion/Feraligatr

Hoenn: Jirachi

Sinnoh: Dusknoir

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