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Fan-fic Comic

First off, Gardevoir works at an office building, and she’s just recieved a letter from her boss, the metang.

At the top, Gardevoir says “What’s This?”

The Metang says “Well, you see…! I know this really great guy and when I mentioned you, he said he’d love to meet you! He’s a good guy overall and he’s very flexible! He was in the same kick-boxing class as me in high school!

Gardevoir: “Chief… ‘kick-boxing’?”

Metang: “Well, I happen to find that class good!”

Sound Effect: ‘You don’t have legs…’

Metang: “Just let the date go well! Please…!”

Gardevoir: “Sure…”

She opens it, sees it’s from a hitmonlee, and…

Grey Panel: The Sir-Knight Experiance

At lunch, all the other employees are talking about Gardevoir

Azumarill: “Hey, did hear about ‘Auntie’ Sana’s (I’m pretty sure that’s Gardevoir in Japanese) guy? Chief is sending her for a marriage interview!”

Raichu: “And, this guy was Chief’s classmate!”

Bellossom: “Doesn’t Chief turn 40 this year?” (I love how insane she looks!)

Wigglytuff: “Gyahaha! She accepted?!! That old hag is so suitable for him!”

Gardevoir shows up and…

Sound Effect: Grrr….

The other employees are terrified of her, and later she’s in the bathroom with her friend, a feebas

Feebas: “So what do you intend to do?”

(Lol, the men and ladies room signs are a tauros and a miltank, bulls and cows! XD)

Gardevoir: “Aw geez, I can’t just refuse…” (Feebas controls a robot body! D8)

Feebas: “That guy didn’t look like he was of high-status. Besides, he’s a fighting type. He might be domineering. But the point is, you shouldn’t be too picky considering your age.” (Apparently Gardevoir is old… O_o)

Gardevoir: “But something is awful is going to be awful…”

She looks on her cell phone to see a picture of latios

Gardevoir: “I already chose him to give my heart to…” (There’s a deoxys behind the latios! XD)

Gardevoir: “Isn’t Latios-kun absolutely cuuuute-?” (The utter amount of japanese-ness in that line is astounding)

Feebas: “You’re secretly taking pictures of new staff again…?” (If that doesn’t scream stalker… O_O)

Feebas takes out a pokeblock case and starts eating some

Feebas: “It’s a shame you don’t spend that free time taking poke-blocks like me. You could use some yourself.”

Gardevoir: “Speaking of which, what have cheap poke-blocks done for you? If you keep taking the cheap ones, the effects don’t last at all!” (It sounds like they’re talking about weed or something XD and for those of you don’t know, feebas overdoses on pokeblocks because they evolve by maxing out their beauty stat, and only pokeblocks can do that)

And suddenly… Feebas chokes!

Feebas: “GACK!!”

Gardevoir: “H…Hin-chan!?” (I’m pretty sure ‘hinbass’ is feebas in japanese)

Feebas falls off the robot body and starts flopping on the ground

Feebas: “GLUBGLUBGLUBGLUB!” (fish out of water XD)

Gardevoir: “Ehhhh!?

Feebas begins to glow and…

Feebas: “Hinbass moon power…” (for those of you who don’t know, that was a sailor moon reference)

and speak of the devil… she evolves into a milotic!

Milotic: “Make-uuup!!” (No, I don’t get that line…)

Gardevoir: “Wha!?”

Milotic looks in the mirror and sees her new body

Milotic: “Ha! Thi… this is me!? No way, I can’t believe it! I wonder if taking poke-blocks every day did this!” (See!? Drugs are good for you!!)

Milotic all of a sudden spazzes and goes shooting down the hallway…

Gardevoir: “Kyaaa! What are you doing?! Hin-chan!!” (and i just noticed that there’s a picture of a psyduck hanging on the wall… uh huh….)

Milotic shoots through the window and goes flying through the air…!

Milotic: “I’m sooo~ happyyyy!!”

Gardevoir: “HIN-CHAAAAN!”

Then… it changes to night. Nope! Not gonna tell you what happens!

Anyway, it’s night now and Gardevoir’s on her way home. *Spoilers, that shows nothing serious happened with milotic!*

Gardevoir: “Poke-blocks… aren’t they amazing…? I wonder if I should take some myself…” (See the Pikachu car in the corner, there’s a Registeel and Regice inside! If you haven’t caught on yet, there are a lot of easter eggs in this comic, and I’ll point all the good ones)

Gardevoir’s walking… then she notices a Typhlosion on a scooter behind her…

Gardevoir: “…! …That guy has been following me for a while.”

She jumps into an alley to ambush him and… (There’s a Bonsly next to her!)

Gardevoir: “I don’t know who he is but stalking me was a mistake.”

She leaps out and gives him a thunder punch to the gut!!!!

Gardevoir: “Take this!! Thunder Puuun-”

Typhlosion: “Huh!?”

Right in the gut…

Gardevoir then realizes that she recognizes him!

Gardevoir: ” Oh no! Is that you, Bakujirou?” (Typhlosion in japanese)

Typhlosion: “Ow…ouch…I… can’t move…. You reacted so harshly, ma’am.” (Man, I wish Gardevoirs really could learn thunder punch…)

Gardevoir: “So sorry, I’ll carry you to the Pokemon Center now.”

She hoists him onto her back…

Sound Effect: ‘Here we go’


Gardevoir: “Ugh!”

…she collapses

To make up, She ends up taking him out to dinner at a restaurant booth. (There’s a swarm of dustoxs swarming around the light! And there’s a Houndour taking a leak on the lamppost!)

Typhlosion: “It’s unusual for someone to suddenly slug someone else like that…”

Gardevoir: “Oh shut up.”

They’re at a slowbro owned booth, and Gardevoir’s sitting on a slowpoke XD

Gardevoir: “I was alarmed by the way you were sneaking up on me just now.”

Typhlosion: “Th… that’s besides the point…” (lol, Typhlosion only has a glass of water, while Gardevoir has a big bottle of beer)

Typhlosion: “Lately, I’ve been patrolling your area for several missing people.” (He’s a cop)

Gardevoir: “Heh, is that so?”

Typhlosion: “That’s a very similar response to this other guy I know, Auntie.”

Gardevoir threatens him again, cuz apparently she doesn’t like being called Auntie… why doesn’t Typhlosion take action?! Isn’t threatening a police officer a felony?!

Gardevoir: “Should I send you to the center now?”

Typhlosion: “Sorry, won’t happen again!”

Gardevoir flashes back, to when she was a Kirlia and he was a Quilava

Gardevoir: “You know, doesn’t this feel like the time I used to protect you at that place you always explored?”

Typhlosion: “P… please…don’t remind me of those brats.” (Lol, he was ganged up on by an Electabuzz and a Beedrill)

Typhlosion: “Today, I’m Bakujirou of the Flame Wheel, a fearless member of the police force. I’ll show Auntie that I can protect her.”

Lol, he said Auntie again and she whipped up another thunder punch. Not so fearless now!

Gardevoir: “What is it, what is it! Everyone’s calling me Auntie Sanaaa!”

Typhlosion: “P… please don’t cry…”

Gardevoir: “Who would want to hook up with me anyway?!!”

Typhlosion: “Don’t say that…”

Gardevoir: “Waaah, shut up you idiot.”

She says goodbye to continue on her way home

Gardevoir: “Geez.. those guys…” (lol, there’s a drunk spinda behind her!)

Vigoroth: “Thanks for shopping!”

He’s (She’s?) handing her a pokeblock case, so she finally submitted and decided to use pokeblock. DON’T FALL FOR PEER PRESSURE LIKE SHE DID! DRUGS ARE BAD! Unless you’re a Feebas, then they’re okay, they make you hot!

Gardevoir: “If I take poke-blocks as well, will I become as pretty as Hina-chan?”

Grumpig: “We’ll be closing soon.”

Gardevoir: “A poke-block store?”

Grumpig: “That’s right!”

This store is the ultimate streotype of an asian roadside store! and lots of easter eggs here. The Politoed statue outside is suppossed to represent a Buddha statue, a bag up in the corner of the store has a kecleon printed on it, and the face on the banner hanging outside? That’s actually the head of Tsukasa Hiiragi, a main character of theLucky Star Anime!

Gardevoir: “Sooo- not gonna happen.”

Then a Cacturne appears behind her!

Cacturne: “Only the Hinbass species could take poke-blocks and become beautiful!” (Little known fact, that cacturne has the same hair as Harley, the cacturne trainer from the pokemon anime)

Cacturne: “Even if other pokemon take poke-blocks, they won’t have that significant changes happen to them. Your cash is sooo~ wasted…”

He has a Gulpin with him!

Gardevoir: “Huhh…!? Was I speaking aloud?!”

Cacturne: “Well, you weren’t. However, I can feel your anguish while standing in front of this store!”

Cacturne: “Oh, you’re sooo~ lucky you met me! Let me introduce you to my method, which is wayy~ better than poke-blocks! I’m Noctus-chan! (Japanese for Cacturne) Come see me if you’re interested.” (He talks like Harley too…)

Gardevoir: “Uh, ok…”

Cacturne starts away, but Gardevoir starts to follow him

Cacturne: “Ha hee hu he ho!“

Gardevoir: “U… um…”

Cacturne: “So you wanna know, hm? From the time we’re born, we pokemon gatherexperience points inside our bodies.”

Gardevoir: “Uh… ‘Experience Points’…?” (I love the Gulpin!)

They arrive at his house, and they go in. For all you girls out there, when searching for a way to look younger, do NOT  follow random strangers off the road.

Cacturne: “‘Experience Points’ are the bits of experience that we build up…”

They go in…

Cacturne: “And these ‘Experience Points’ we accumulate are what makes us grow.”

They enter his room… (oh ho, he has TWO beds! Is there a mrs. Noctus? Also, many easter eggs here. He has a poster of a Pikachu on the wall, with all the pressure points labelled, a psyduck poster, a picture of a Cacturne, maybe Mrs. Noctus, a graph that matches the one in the games showing which stats are increased whenever your pokemon eat a pokeblock, and a golden bobbong paw meowth statue, like the chinese cat statues that are suppossed to bring good luck to businesses.)

Cacturne: “… But, suppose we were to ‘suck out’ these accumulated ‘Experience Points’?”

Gardevoir: “Er…??”

Cacturne: “Draining them would cause you to return to your former self!”

Gardevoir: “A… are you serious!?”

Cacturne gets a little close and…

Cacturne: “Yeah!? I’ll start draining you excess ‘Exp Points’ at a special charge!” He seems a little desperate, business must be going bad

Gardevoir: “Drain… Can you do that?”

Cacturne: “Sure I can! Come on, let me do it, please?!” Like I said, desperate

Gardevoir: “S… sure, please do…”

Cacturne: “That’s a good girl.”

So she sits down and takes a drink from him. To all those girls who didn’t listen to me and followed the creepy old guy, REDEEM YOURSELVES! DON’T DRINK!!!

Cacturne: “Alrighty, to begin, clear your mind and drink this!”

Gardevoir: “Uh, alright.”

She drinks…

Gardevoir: “Ugh… what is…?”

Cacturne: “It’s sleep medication.”

And she promptly passes out. To all those girls who didn’t listen and drunk again, congratulations, you just left yourself unconscious in the same room as a creepy old guy.

Gardevoir: “Ughhh…”

Cacturne: “Ha hee hu he hooooo!” evil laughs are never good

Cacturne wakes her up next morning… notice anything different?

Cacturne: “Rise ‘n’ shine!”

Gardevoir: “Huh…”

She wakes up…

Gardevoir: “Wha…?!”

Cacturne: “Ha hee hee! I drained your excess ‘Exp Points’ out of you.”

She sees her new self in the mirror…

Gardevoir: “Wooow! This is me!? Incredible! I can’t believe it!”

…then she gets the price

Cacturne: “That’ll be 100,000 yen, please.” (Not sure how much that is in U.s. Dollara, but I’m pretty sure it’s over 500 dollars)

Gardevoir: “Wha…?!! Th… that’s expensive!”

Cacturne: “That’s the price, deary.”

Anyway, it’s the next morning and she’s on her way to work…

She meets up with Milotic on the way in…

Milotic: “Good morning, Sana!”

Gardevoir: “Good morning!”

Milotic: “Guess what? Suikun-sama invited me to go surfing with him tomorrow.” You guessed it! Suikun is non other then suicune! wow, only one day in her new body and she’s already getting in with legendaries!

Gardevoir: “That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” (lol, milotic carries her bag with her horn now… wait, how’d she even manage to get it on there?!)

Milotic: “……Huh!?”

She’s just noticed her change…

Milotic: “Wh… what’s up Sana?! You suddenly became pretty!”


Gardevoir: “You think so too?”

Lol, she poses…

Gardevoir: “Not only that… My body seems incredible! I feel perfect!” (O_O musn’t… look…)

Milotic: “Ah hah, I know! You’ve been taking poke-blocks, haven’t you? And the best ones too! You must’ve taken a hundred thousand of them!” (No, then she’s be dead from an overdose…)

Gardevoir: “No no, that’s not it.”

lol, it zooms out so that you can see the rest of the commuters! an alakazam and a heracross in ties, and if you look hard enough, you can see a lucario in background!

Gardevoir: “I don’t think it was poke-blocks…”

Blissey: “Huhu!”

They finally arrive at work to much commotion!

Random Worker Voice #1: “Huuuh!? Sana-chan, what’s the deal!?”

Metang: “You looked like a new employee for a moment!” (And Milotic doesn’t…?)

Deoxys: “Please go out with me!!”

Gardevoir: “No way, you dummy!” (Such a… polite way of turning him down…)

Gardevoir: “Alright…! I’m gonna do it!”

Female Employees: “Pss…” (They’re all whispering to each other)

and… she starts stalking latios again… (legendaries work in office buildings?!)

Gardevoir: “I’m gonna talk to Latios-kun during lunch break!”

lol, the swampert sweat drops when it sees her watching them

So then, it’s lunch break and…

Executor: “Haven’t lots of girls been turning cute lately?” (Yeah you’d like that wouldn’t you? At least someone notices it)

Parasect: “Yeah, they’re definetly taking poke-blocks.” (Hooray for legal drugs!!!!)

Executor: “Seems like these poke-blocks are quite the rage now, aren’t they?” (The drug sensation that’s sweeping the nation!)

Parasect: “If… if I took poke-blocks too, would I become cooler…?” (Another victim to peer pressure)

Latios: “No way, that’s ridiculous!”

Latios: “I mean look, Pokemon are spending their money on pills to look cooler. Where’s the fun in that?” (Someone the drug craze hasn’t touched!)

Parasect and Executor: “Whoa, that’s cool of you to stand up and talk like that!”

Then Gardevoir starts coming up the stairs….

Gardevoir: “Latios-kun… has lunch on the rooftop?”

…and of course resorts to spying

Gardevoir: “!… Geez… He’s with his friends.”

Latios finishes up on his cell phone…

Latios: “Alright. Send.”

Executor: “You texting some kid again?”

Parasect: “If that’s the case… we should all go crash the meeting.”

Latios: “Pff, no way…”

Then the shocking lines…!

Latios: “I don’t dig final evolutions.”

Gardevoir: “!!” (She’s a final evolution, uh oh!)

Executor: “Wah, you said you have a first evo-complex!“

Latios: “Ah shutup!”

Gardevoir: “La… Latios-kun… likes first evolutions…?!”

You know what that house means! It’s time for old Noctus again!

Cacturne: “Oh? Back again?”

Gardevoir: “Um… if you drain a lot of ‘Exp Points’ from me, can you retrun me to my previous evolution?”

Cacturne: “Hu hiyo! If you’re a pokemon that evolves with experiance, sure!”

Gardevoir: “Please drain enough ‘Exp Points’ to return me to a Kirlia.”

Cacturne: “Oh goody! I’ll drain your experience with pleasure.”

So he hands her another glass…

Cacturne: “Well, you know the drill…”

Gardevoir: “Right, right.”

… and she passes out once again. To all those girls who came back again… Last chance, don’t drink!

Gardevoir: “Ugh…”

Cacturne: “Ha hee hu he ho!” (Once again, another evil laugh…)

The next morning, he wakes up kirlia! (A creepy old man and a passed out little girl… hmm…)

Cacturne: “Wake up, sleepy!”

Kirlia: “Hmm…?”

And she sees her new body…

Kirlia: “wOOOw.. I’m a Kirlia! Oh my!”

… then she gets the price

Cacturne: “That’ll be 200, 000 yen today.”

Kirlia: “Ah… that’s right.”

Later, at the park… (lol, a wailmer fountain)

Typhlosion: “Phew… even we fire-types have to answer to morning patrols.” (Theres a Mime Jr. on the bench behind him and a Sudowoodo in front of the tree!)

Then he notices…

Typhlosion: “Eh?! That Kirlia…”

Lol, Kirlia and Latios with Luvdiscs around them

Typhlosion: “…Nah. What do I care.”

Latios and Kirlia go on a boat ride… (Lol, there’s a Porygon2 boat behind them with a Cradily and the Deoxys that asked her out in it! And the lily pads are actually the tops of Lotads)

Latios: “No way, you can’t be Sana-chan! You’re such a pretty Kirlia! I wasn’t aware of you ’til now!”

Kirlia: “It’s alright, Latios-kun. It was nothing.”

Then they go shopping for clothes… (lol, the outfits are those for the female trainer in Ruby Sapphire and Emerald, and the outfit for the female trainer from FireRed and LeafGreen. The other one is Misty’s outfit from the anime! And just behind Latios’s speach bubble is the outfit for the female trainer from Coliseum!)

Latios: “How about these clothes, Sana-san?! I feel they suit you…”

Kirlia: “My, they’re wonderful! They’re perfect for me!”

And she gets the FireRed LeafGreen outfit!

Kirlia: “I had a great time today! Thank you, Latios-kun.”

Latios: “Naw, I should be saying that… by the way, could you call me ‘Big Brother’?”

Kirlia: “B… I… G… Buwuther!”

Latios: “Alright! Good job!!”

Then, a Bayleef comes bursting out of the bushes! (Lol, she’s trying to fit into the FireRed LeafGreen outfit)

Bayleef: “Just a second, Big Brother!” (I love Latios’s face!)

She starts to cry…

Bayleef: “You broke your promise! Where were you and what were you doing that you should forget about me?! Who are you?! And this girl is… !!”

The the party grows as a Loudred, Combusken, and Lairon leap out of the bushes! (All wearing the FireRed LeafGreen outfit, and all stage 1s, like he likes)

Loudred: “Hold it, Big Brother!”

Combusken: “So I’m just your non-blood-related little sister, am I?!”

Latios: “Hee…!!”

More company! A Vibrava, Pidgeotto, and Golbat! (All wearing the outfit and all stage 1s!)

Vibrava: “Big Brother!”

Golbat: “I demand an explanation for this!”

Latios: “Wa…!!”

Next comes a Croconaw, Weepinbell, Kakuna, Shelgon(All wearing the outfit and stage 1s), and a Latias!

Latias: “Big Brother! You’ve been going out with first evolution girls again! Your reallittle sister is ashamed of you!” (lol, real little sister!)

Latios: “La… Latias! That’s not wha..!”

Well slap me silly and call me sassafrass! Latios’s a pimp!

And they all get revenge! Finally, with all those lessons for the girls before, here’s one for the guys! MULTIPLE DATINGS AT ONCE IS ONLY ACCEPTABLE IN TRIBAL VILLAGES!!!!

Latias: “Geez, you’re the worst!! Take this!!!”

Latios: “Aggghhhhh!!”

Kirlia: “La… Latios-kuuun!”

And then thay all just leave

Latios: “Ergh…”

Kirlia: “Latios-kun…!” (Wow, she’s willing to stay with him even after that?)

Latios’s Soul: “~Won’t you call me ‘Big Brother’~?”

Kirlia: “Is that your soul talking!?”

She hoists him up… (Isn’t this familiar?)

Kirlia: “Anyway, I’ll carry you to the center.. “

Sound Effect: “Here we go…” (Like I said, familiar)

Kirlia: “Ugh…!?” (I love that expression!)

Kirlia: “M… my hip… But why…? (lol, she sounds like an old person)

Later, at the pokemon center…

Chansey: “He has paralysis, burn, freeze, and other conditions… (lol, all the conditions you can get in the games!) A full recovery will take two weeks, ~lucky~. He’s in a critical state. He’ll have to stay here for a while, ~lucky~.”

Kirlia: “Ok…”

Chansey: “You look young, but your hip seems to be continually aging. It isn’t too serious, though ~lucky~.”

Kirlia: “?!”

On the way home, she has to walk with a crutch

Kirlia: “Dammit… What’s happening to me…?” (There’s a Meowth dressed like Puss in Boots!)

She walks by the police station… (Lol, the wanted poster has Team Rocket’s Ekans and Koffing from the anime on it!)

Kirlia: “Meh… My body isn’t that useless.”

Typhlosion notices her!

Kirlia: “Ugh…”

Typhlosion: “That girl…”

Upp! It’s time for Noctus again!

Kirlia: “What’s the meaning of this? I wasn’t turning young at all…?” (He’s playing a freaking PSP! In a Nintendo comic!!)

Cacturne: “Ha hee hee hee hee hee! It seems that the effectiveness of your abilities have -ahem- ceased in your body..” (He just chucks the PSP!!)

Kirlia: “The effectiveness!?”

Cacturne: “Once ‘Exp Points’ have been drained, there’s no reason for the physical body to return to the way it was. Only your level and abilities went down. Your age hasn’t changed.”

Kirlia: “?!”

Kirlia: “It can’t be…”

Cacturne: “Honey, you drank the sleep medication!”

Hence begins the explanation….

Cacturne: “The 100,000 yen you paid the other day was used for top-grade poke-blocks that stopped the progression of your abilities, while the medication was in effect.. The resulting condition was that your body would feel rejuvenated and you’d make the wrong assumption that your desires were being fulfilled!”

Kirlia: “Th… that’s awful! You tricked me!! You cheat, you’re horrible!!”

Cacturne: “Ah hya hya hya hya!!” (I told you evil laughs were never a good thing!)

Kirlia: “You bastard!”

She gives him a signature thunder punch, and…

Cacturne: “Aw, such a low-level attack!”

…fails epically… and Cacturne responds with a poison sting!

Cacturne: “Bullseye!”

Kirlia: “Ack!!”

Cacturne: “Hee hee hee… Sweet dreams, deary.”

Cue the Gulpin hordes!

Cacturne: “For the sake of my dream, I’ll have the ‘Exp Points’ sucked out of you. ~Gokurin~!” (Gulpin in japanese)


And she gets turned into a RALTS!!!!

Cacturne: “Ha hee hu he ho!”

He takes her Exp and cooks it into…

Labels: “Rare Candy”

Rare Candies! More powerful then pokeblocks! Gets you high and you never come down!

Cacturne: “Ha hee hee hee hee hee! With all this rare candy… I won’t have to worry for the rest of my life!!”

Cue Typhie!

Typhlosion: “So I see. Now I understand everything.”

Cacturne: “Ha he hun!?”

That’s right, Typhie’s just taken down all your employees!

Cacturne: “Wh… who the hell are you!?”

Typhlosion: “I’m the policeman patrolling this street.” (I love how some of the Gulpins are even smashed into the walls and ceiling!)

Things get violent!

Cacturne: “Heee…!”

Typhlosion: “You! Are you gonna return her to the way she was!? You will, or I’ll burn you to death!!” (O_o)

Cacturne: “Hee heeee…!!”

Cacturne: “Th… the candy! If she eats lots of rare candy, her ‘Experience Points’ will return to normal!”

He hands the plate to Typhie…

Cacturne: “Uh… This is the candy I made with her ‘Exp Points’. Hee hee… ha hee hee…”

Evil gleam!

Cacturne: “Ooopppss~!! Hand slipped!!”

Typhlosion: “!!”

Battle time!

Cacturne: “Ha hee hu hee..”

Punch in the gut!

Cacturne: “HO!!!”

Typhlosion: “…Guh!!”

He impacts so hard the wall cracks!

Cacturne: “Ha hee hee hee… This looks like a good oppurtunity… Better scoot before more cops come…” (There’s a Pikachu CD case on the table!)

Upp! Typhie’s not out yet!

Cacturne: “He hee…“

Lookit that face! He’s pissed!

Cacturne: “Pish… persistant aren’t you!?”

He shoots some poison sings at him…

…to be torched by flamethrower!

Cacturne: “Gwaaaaaaahhhhhh!!”

Typhlosion: “Flame…”


Typhlosion: “WHEEL!!!”

Cacturne gets slammed into the alley to be torched!

Cacturne: “……Buh… Bye bye money……”

Typhlosion: “Huff… huff…”

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…!

Typhlosion: “Dammit! I’m the one supposed to be getting in trouble! Not you!”

Ralts: “I… I’m so ashamed.”

Typhlosion: “……Geez.”

He hands her the rare candies, he can’t stay mad at her!

Typhlosion: “Here. Take this, you could return to being a ‘Sir-Knight’.”

Lol, there’s a sleeping Munchlax behind them!

Typhlosion: “Or you could just become a Kirlia if you want.”

Ralts: “Um… About that, did you understand why I wanted to be a Kirlia?”

Typhlosion: “Eh… Wh… why do you ask…?”

He’s gettin mushy!

Typhlosion: “I… have always treated you like a Kirlia. I figured when I saw you as one, I’d understand why anyway… Suppose you got in any trouble, I’d keep an eye out for you.”

Now those are bambi eyes!

Typhlosion: “Besides… I want to protect you…”

Lol, and then he goes chibi again

Typhlosion: “Phew, that’s been brewing for a long time…! Just my duty as a police officer!”

Ralts: “… I see. Bakujirou will always be there, won’t he?”

She eats half of the rare candies and becomes a Kirlia again! Lol, and Latios pops up all bandaged!

Latios: “Wooooah! My firsht-evo radar’sh sshutin’ down! Shana-shan, you came when I was shick, didn’t you?!”

I love how she ignores him and eats the rest of the candies

And she becomes a Gardevoir again! (Notice how she only ate enough to evolve again, she doesn’t have the lines under her eyes anymore!)

Latios: “Huhhhh!? That’sh shtrange! I don’t shee Shana-shan!”

Chancey: “Wait, Latios-san! For your own sake, you musn’t leave your room ~lucky~!”

Gardevoir: “……”

Typhlosion: “Is that… alright with you?”

Gardevoir: “It’s fine, let him be.”

She jumps onto his back, a role-reversal!

Gardevoir: “Alright, let’s go! Bakujirou! Will you take me home?!”

Typhlosion: “Wh… what’s this all of a sudden…?”

And they start of into the night!

Gardevoir: “Ah, this is great! Can we do this everyday from now on?”

Typhlosion: “Umm… It kinda hurts when your chest is jabbing into my back…” (Finally! A reference to the horn on her chest!)


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