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Pikachu could electrocute everyone. With Thunderbolt if u pull his tail or hug him too tight

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XY001 10
SM003 7
SM005 9
IL023 Im001
IL023 Im002

The Ash Pikachu Thunderbolt photo is slanted

Morely. All 1 month return.

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PokéPlay is a MUSIC MAKER JAM musician

He joined Music Maker Jam

Ash Pikachu Thunderbolt
Red's Pikachu Thunderbolt Generations
Mirror Ash Pikachu Thunderbolt

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Electrocutes {{Gallery Box| gallery captionalign="center"widths= "180" position="center BW002 1.jpg|Electrocuting Ash by his body with Thunderbolt due to: fulelectricity. BW002 5.jpg|Electrocuting Iris by his tail and body with Thunderbolt due to: too tight hugging. XY001 10.jpg|Electrocuting Bonnie by his tail with Thunderbolt due to: too tight hugging. SM005 9.jpg|Electrocuting Harper and Sarah with Thunderbolt due to: annoyed. ty ">< ===




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Hey. Thunderbolts makes you jump

Okay. ELECTROCUTE!. I'm returned.

Electricity is had to

*Having his hands up*

*Touched by Pikachu's family cheek or tail

  • Ash? A Ash-Greninja Appeared! What you gonna do? fire a Z-Move? Yep. Breakneck Blitz? NO!
  • Hmm.. *Throws a Pokéball at Greninja
  1. Future Bass Pikachu that uses Thunderbolt
  2. Future Bass Monstercat thing?
  3. There is Electro Iron Tail. I took it in BW106Tapu Koko Appeared! Uhhh? *Uses Gigavolt Havoc at Him and then
  4. Pi-ka. - Pikachu
  5. Hardest Combines: Volt Tail - Pikachu
  6. Hardest Combines: Electro Iron Tail - Pikachu and A New.Mew: Is a Electro Ball in your Tail
  7. Pikachu: Pikachu!
  8. Mew: Serperior would be defeat by this move
  9. Pikachu: Pi-Ka!
  10. Hoopa: Electro Tail? I forget This. Pikachu Use Electro Ball and Iron Tail!
  11. Pikachu: Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaachu! *Uses Electro Iron Tail
  12. Serperior: Serrp????? (42 damage)
  13. Mew and Hoopa: Use IT AGAIN!
  14. *Pikachu Repeats the Same Electro Tail and Uses Again
  15. SERRRP! (73 damage)
  16. Pikachu: *Hops
  17. Mew: Good Job!
  18. Mewtwo: Let me make this move.
Iris,Ash, Pikachu and Axew
Pikachu, Ash&#039;s Pikachu, and co.
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