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NFEs for the win! 167.png265.png193.png410.png

My Teams 167.png

Omega Ruby 383P.png

Hall of Fame because I never did ranked battles until Gen 8 265.png

Wurmple BW.gifL3 Sceptile BW.gif Scolipede BW.gif Swampert BW.gif Groudon BW.gif Latios BW.gif

Previous Team before I made the biggest mistake of my life 254.png

Sceptile BW.gif Latios BW.gif Mightyena BW.gif Tropius BW.gif Suicune BW.gif Ho-Oh BW.gif

Ultra Moon 800DW.png

Level 1 104.png

Cubone BW.gifL1 Carbink XY.gifL1 Spinarak BW.gifL1 Shieldon BW.gifL1

Sword 888.png

Hehe funny BACON lol laugh laugh 717.png

Kyogre BW.gif Grimmsnarl Shiny SS.gif Yveltal Shiny XY.gif Whimsicott BW.gif 745Cs.gif Inteleon Shiny SS.gif

Level 1 104.png (FOR FUN)

Cubone BW.gifL1 Carbink XY.gifL1 Rookidee SS.gifL1 Shuckle BW.gifL1

Brilliant Diamond 483.png

Weakness Policy Sub 445.png

Yanma BW.gif Treecko BW.gif Garchomp BW.gif Typhlosion BW.gif Torkoal BW.gif Salamence BW.gif


Starly BW.gifL2 Gardevoir BW.gif Ariados BW.gif Venonat BW.gif Typhlosion BW.gif Torkoal BW.gif

Hall of Fame 445.png

Torterra BW.gif Beautifly BW.gif Dialga BW.gif Gastrodon-West-Sea BW.gif Staraptor BW.gif Honchkrow BW.gif

Legends Arceus 493.png

No Competitive Battling? What else? Just my only playthrough team 265.png

Typhlosion BW.gif Infernape BW.gif Staraptor BW.gif Dustox BW.gif Beautifly BW.gif Ursaluna.jpg

Violet 201?.png

The game literally hadn't came out yet what? 201?.png

912Quaxly.png Starly BW.gif Magnemite BW.gif

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Grimmsnarl SS.gif Spinarak BW.gif Obstagoon BW (showdown).gif Inteleon SS.gif Urshifu Rapid Strike SS.gif Starly BW.gif Escavalier BW.gif Wurmple BW.gif Salamence BW.gif Yveltal XY.gif Rillaboom SS.gif Aggron BW.gif Silcoon BW.gif Alakazam BW.gif Xerneas XY.gif Tornadus BW.gif Landorus BW.gif Dialga BW.gif Shedinja BW.gif Ninjask BW.gif Cascoon BW.gif Beautifly BW.gif Garchomp BW.gif Incineroar SM.gif Sceptile BW.gif Yanma BW.gif Kyogre BW.gif 784 Sprite.gif Zacian Crowned SS.gif Torchic BW.gif Zamazenta Crowned SS.gif Dustox BW.gif Shuckle BW.gif Regieleki SS.gif Shieldon BW.gif Staravia BW.gif Ariados BW.gif Palkia BW.gif Servine BW.gif Arceus BW.gif Lairon BW.gif Scatterbug XY.gif Typhlosion BW.gif Unown BW.gif Aron BW.gif Manectric BW.gif Thundurus BW.gif Staraptor BW.gif Glastrier SS.gif File:Electrike SM.gif

Least Favorites 🤡🤓

3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th 31st 32nd 33rd 34th 35th 36th
Deerling-Winter BW.gif Caterpie BW.gif Charizard Gigantamax SS.gif Amoonguss BW.gif Ferrothorn BW.gif Lapras Gigantamax SS.gif Gastrodon-East-Sea BW.gif Regigigas BW.gif 798 Sprite.gif Butterfree BW.gif Sunflora BW.gif Cosmog SS.gif Drifloon BW.gif 801 Sprite.gif Weezing BW.gif Paras BW.gif Lunala SM.gif Hatterene SS.gif Nidorina BW.gif Basculin-hisuian.jpg Metapod BW.gif Zubat BW.gif Shinx BW.gif Seismitoad BW.gif Nidoran♀ BW.gif Emolga BW.gif Hitmontop BW.gif Weedle BW.gif Budew BW.gif Comfey SM.gif Wigglytuff BW.gif 906Sprigatito.png Lickitung BW.gif Nidoqueen BW.gif Furfrou XY.gif Tyrogue BW.gif
  • The hatelist is mostly filled with Pokémon that I find impossible to beat in VGC formats or Hostile Species in Legends: Arceus
  • I only hate White-Striped Basculin not the other two because its timid personality ruins it and its hard to catch them in mass outbreaks and i only get 2 of them
  • I only hate Charizard's G-Max Form while I love its mega evolutions because of the overrated solar power + g-max wildfire strat forcing me to change up my teams by a lot
  • Play Pokemon BW and you'll see why Deerling is my least favorite Pokemon

Fun Facts 201!.png

  • I always have the urge to use a unevolved Pokémon for every one of my team (yes including bad ones that are gonna die in 1 hit)
  • My first game was Pokémon X
  • My favorite items are Weakness Policies and Eviolites even though they got removed in BDSP I find replacements for them!
  • I know that Spritzee is based off of a bird but I call them a fish as a joke because when I first saw it I thought it was a fish until I caught it in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Sweeps 265.png

DONE 266.png

Cottonee BW.gifL1 (no video, timer ran out)
Fletchling BW (showdown).gif (no video, only have two 30 second clips)
Torchic BW.gif (no video, casual battles)
784 Sprite.gif (no video)
Ninjask BW.gif (no video)

PLANNING 268.png

Spinarak BW.gifL1 (moveset complete)
Numel BW.gifL1 (moveset complete, 2nd opponent forfeited after setup...)


861Grimmsnarl Pokémon HOME.png This user's favorite Pokemon is Grimmsnarl
672Skiddo Dream.png This user thinks Skiddo should stop being the deadest pokemon in existence and be obtainable in a future game (Yes you too Gogoat)
789Cosmog.png This user REALLY HATES Cosmog and is glad that it stopped existing in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokémon Legends: Arceus but also misses it's evolutions...
Spinarak RS032 String Shot.png This user loves Spinarak so much and is glad that they returned in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl but wish they will return in Pokémon Sword and Shield and Pokémon Legends: Arceus some time in the future...
483Dialga BDSP.png This user chose Brilliant Diamond
888Zacian.png This user chose Sword (Probably because of Jangmo-o's evolution line being exclusive there)
585Deerling Winter Pokémon HOME.png This user's least favorite Pokemon is Deerling