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"Is it Eeeve? The most prettiest Pokemon ever? Or is it Glaceon? Nah, Everyone is beautiful in their own way. To Eevee to Glaceon,Everyone is Beautiful."
— Me
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I'm from Quebec my main language is French. So excuse my grammar.

About me

Well, My Username says "Ranger1434" but my real name is Saige. Anywho, I come from Montreal,Quebec. So excuse me if my Grammar,English etc. Its not so good. I used to watch Pokemon when I was about 2. I didn't know what it meant but I was bored so I still kept watching it. When I was about 4 I loved it and kept watching it. Right now I love the old version with Misty and May better then the newer version with Dawn and Iris.

What can you use help with?

  • I need to warn someone, About a edit they did.

You can leave them a message with the {{Warning}} template.

  • I need to report a vandal

Contact a admin, The Admins on this wiki would be Rainbow ShifterSlayingthehalcyon and EnemyPeacemaker you can contact them via talkpage

  • I need to delete a picture,file,forum,page etc.

You would the {{Delete}} template. Don't forget so specify why it needs to be deleted.

Pages I have created

Relic Path

Midnight Forest (Still working on it)

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