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A Poliwag fan through and through,also obsessed with Mandjtv,Lockstin and Moosmod Pixel mon
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My favorite pages
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My fav mon of every type

For dual types, only the specified caption type is count.

  • Poliwag is my fav water type since it is cute and cuddly.Same for Rowlet(also because of ash’s one)
  • Chikorita is my fav grass type since I have a plushy if it.
  • Meltan is my fav steel type since I like its origin and chased its gradual reveal.
  • Cosmog is becuz it’s cute. Same for Poipole.
  • Snom is becuz there are too many memes on it and I drowned in them.
  • Falinks is because I feel the concept is cool.Same with Squishy.
  • Grimmsnarl and G Max Orbeetle is since they look cool.
  • The rest is mostly because it’s cute, except Alcremie as that is due to Mikey using it in MBF.

Pokemon fa on project

I have been on pokefanon recently, and you can see more of my interests there.

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