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Name Pokegod85321
A.K.A Kim (surname)
Pokémon Used Too many…
Hometown Pallet Town (in Pokemon), Montreal (in real life)
Age 20
Height Roughly 1.70m (to Americans: convert it yourself pls)
League Rank In which game??
Other Pokémon at Lab Um, you mean Oak's lab..?
Friends N/A
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If two and two do make five, I see no reason why 9+10 cannot be 21.


Hello everyone!! I am Pokegod85321, or simply Pokegod. I am a Canadian (Québecois) with full South Korean ancestry living in Thailand since 2011 who really wants to live in Canada again.

I have been a Pokemon Fan since 2009, although I did take a huge break from Pokemon for the entirety of 2013. More information about me and Pokemon can be found later on this page.

Two Notes About Me

1. Yes, I am South Korean by origin, as mentioned above, and Korean is my de jure mother tongue. However, I moved out of Korea at a very early age and thus never attended any Korean schools. Moreover, I have difficulty typing in Korean. So please do not ask me how I am not a native speaker of Korean.

2. I have lived in Montréal for eight years; hence, I am Québecois. However, my elementary school was an English school and French was taught as a second language. After moving to Thailand, I stopped learning French for a very long time, until I started catching up on my French. So please do not even bother questioning how French is not my second native language.

Nonetheless, please do feel free to talk to me in French if you want.

My History with Pokemon

Pokemon has been a big part of my identity and my life for quite a long time.

It was not until late 2009 that I really got into Pokemon. However, the very first time of me seeing Pokemon was as early as the time when I lived in Korea. I had a Tomica Pokemon bus toy which my father bought in Japan (I still have it now); however, being extremely naive back then, I was unaware that it was Pokemon.

Fast forward to my early elementary school years in Canada, one of the teachers at my school gave me a Pokemon counting book (I do not have it anymore as it got ripped and hence thrown away). Though I finally did learn the names of a few Pokemon, the book did not really encourage me to like Pokemon. And over the course of the years following I saw multiple people play Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, mostly at summer camp.

December 2008 is when I got my very first Pokemon game. Having been a few months after receiving my DS, my (true) best friend gave me his copy of Pokemon LeafGreen which he reset for me to play as I only had two DS games. Like a lot of people, I began as a full-blown noob and did not know anything about stats, type effectivenesses, etc. The furthest I ever got was up to Pewter City, and it was impossible to beat Brock, because you guessed it, I chose Charmander, which was the only Pokemon I trained (I did catch other Pokemon but did not train them).

After giving up for a year, I had a conversation with another friend at elementary school who was also a Pokemon Fan, which finally piqued my interest for Pokemon. Thanks to him, I resumed playing LeafGreen and even managed to beat Brock and other gym leaders. I even learned to train my Pokemon as equally as possible.

For my tenth birthday, I received a copy of Pokemon Diamond from my school friend and a copy of Pokemon Platinum from the same friend who helped me seek my interest for Pokemon, the latter of which was a used copy that I decided not to reset since it had many Pokemon migrated from the Gen 3 games, especially Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. Nonetheless, Diamond was the game I played the most. During the next few months, my best friend and I fought Pokemon battles with each other.

A couple of months later, I was introduced by my best friend to the Pokemon anime when he gave me a VHS copy of five Original Series episodes (in no particular airing order as far as I know) in French. I even borrowed every now and then some Pokemon DVDs of movies and of episodes (again, in no particular airing order) from DVD rental stores. When my family decided to switch the family TV from antenna to satellite, I finally had access to YTV, which was the channel where I watched Pokemon. At that time it was near the end of Gen 4 so the episodes I watched were the Galactic Battles Series and the Sinnoh League Victor series (finally in the correct airing order!).

I heard news of Pokemon Black and White at the end of 2010, and I even got the Shiny Legendary Beasts plus Celebi on both Diamond and Platinum during the event from January to February 2011, making them the first Pokemon I received via event. I also pre-ordered my copy of Black at Best Buy the month before the release day, which I picked up the day it came out. Tepig was my starter, in case you would like to know. Oh, and "Pokegod" was the name I used for myself in that game, hence my current username. Anyway, I got both Zorua and Zoroark on black, as well as Victini Until the time I moved to Thailand, I even watched the first few episodes of the BW series on

When I moved to Thailand, I no longer had contact with my best friend and thereby could not trade or battle with anyone, though I eventually did find another (Korean) friend at my new school who played Pokemon as well as and Mario Kart. He had both Black and White (played the latter more) and I battled him a lot.

March-April 2012 was when the Reshiram/Zekrom event happened, so I was glad that I visited Canada during that time to get Zekrom on my Pokemon Black as it was impossible to obtain it in Thailand.


Pokemon Games I Have Played

On Console

Games that I play(ed) on a console (DS, 3DS, etc.)

On an Emulator

Games that I play(ed) on the MyBoy app on my phone

  • FireRed

Favourite Pokemon

When someone asks me what my favourite Pokemon is, I would reply that the question is way too broad as I like almost all Pokemon equally (yes, I am one of those people who are bad at making decisions). So I will break the question up by generation, by type, and by fully evolved or not fully evolved.

Gen Normal Fire Water Electric Grass Ice Fighting Poison Ground Flying Psychic Bug Rock Ghost Dragon Dark Steel Fairy
1 Eevee Charizard Gyarados Pikachu Bulbasaur Lapras Machamp Nidoking Diglett Aerodactyl Mewtwo Beedrill Geodude Gengar Dragonite (N/A) Magnemite Jigglypuff
2 Blissey Cyndaquil Feraligatr Pichu Chikorita Sneasel Hitmontop Crobat Wooper Xatu Wobbuffet Scizor Tyranitar Misdreavus Kingdra Houndoom Skarmory Togepi
3 Kecleon Torchic Mudkip Manectric Sceptile Glalie Hariyama Seviper Groudon Swellow Medicham Shedinja Aron Sableye Salamence Absol Metagross Mawile
4 Happiny Infernape Garchomp

Under construction

Top 5 Anime Openings

Despite not being an avid Anime follower, I have been able to compile a list of favourite Anime openings

  1. Pokémon Johto
  2. Battle Cry - (Stand Up!)
  3. Pokémon Theme
  4. We Will Carry On!
  5. Believe in Me

To Do

  • Fix grammar, spelling, and broken links where needed

Trivia and Miscellaneous

Five Fun Facts About Me

  • Besides English, French, and Korean, I speak basic-intermediate borderline Spanish and beginner Russian. Also I know how to say hello in many other languages.
  • I have never been to Central or South America, Africa, or Australia/Oceania before, though I do hope to visit them someday.
  • I often end up writing "tendancy" instead of "tendency." Not even native speakers are 100% perfect in English, you know ;)
  • My favourite school subject is Computer Science, which is what I would like to study in university.
  • I am autistic. Just treat me normally please…

Countries Visited

I have visited a total of 17 countries (including those where I transferred).

# Country Cities and Towns Visited Month/Year of First Visit
1 South Korea 1 Anyang (place of birth), Seoul 1, Jeju, Busan, Gyeongju, others that I cannot remember My birth date (of course!)
2 Singapore Singapore Most likely 2003
3 Canada

3.1 BC 2
3.2 Quebec 1
3.3 Ontario

3.1 Vancouver
3.2 Montréal 1, Quebec City, Granby, Laval, Mont-Tremblant
3.3 Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa

3.1 Aug '03
3.2 Same as above
3.3 Circa summer '04


4.1 Vermont
4.2 New York
4.3 Illinois
4.4 Florida
4.5 Michigan 2
4.6 Ohio 3
4.7 California

4.1 Burlington
4.2 Buffalo, NYC
4.3 Chicago
4.4 Orlando
4.5 Detroit
4.6 Cleveland
4.7 Cupertino (?), San Jose, Stanford, San Francisco, Mountain View

4.1 Circa '04
4.2 Feb '06
4.3 Apr '07
4.4 Jun '07
4.5 Jun '10
4.6 Jul '10
4.7 Jun '13

5 Japan Osaka, Tokyo 2 Jul '10
6 France Paris, Versailles May '11
7 Thailand 4 Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin, Cha Am, Samut Prakan, Amphawa, Pathum Thani, Rayong, Chiang Mai, Nonthaburi (?), Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Khao Yai, Krabi, Chiang Rai Oct '11
8 Hong Kong Hong Kong (both transfer and official) Apr '12 (transfer), Nov '13 (official)
9 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Dec '14
10 Uzbekistan Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara Apr '15
11 Cambodia Siem Reap Oct '15
12 China 2 Beijing Dec '15
13 Nepal (FUN FACT: That is where I was the week prior to joining Wikia/Fandom :3) Nagarkot, Kathmandu Apr '16
14 Vietnam Hanoi, Ha Long Feb '17
15 Netherlands Amsterdam Apr '17
16 Belgium Bruges Apr '17
17 Sri Lanka Colombo, Galle, Kandy Jul '17

1 I have lived there during at least one year

2 Transfer only

3 Extremely brief stay

4 I live there now

Name in Other Languages

Language Family Language Name
Altaic1, Mongolic Mongolian Покебурхан
Altaic, Turkic Bashkir Покехоҙай
Altaic, Turkic Kazakh Покеқұдай
Altaic, Turkic Kyrgyz Покекудай
Altaic, Turkic Tatar Покеходай
Altaic, Turkic Turkish Poketanrı
Altaic, Turkic Turkmen Pokehudaý
Altaic, Turkic Uyghur پوكېتەڭرى
Altaic, Turkic Uzbek Pokexudo
Afro-Asiatic Arabic بوكيغود
Afro-Asiatic Hebrew פוקיאלוהים
Austroasiatic Vietnamese Thần Pokemon
Austronesian Malaysian Poketuhan
Austronesian Tagalog Pokemaykapal
Auxiliary Language Esperanto Pokedio
Indo-European, Baltic Latvian Pokedievs
Indo-European, Baltic Lithuanian Pokedievas
Indo-European, Celtic Breton Pokedoue
Indo-European, Celtic Cornish Pokeduw
Indo-European, Celtic Irish Pokedia, Pocedia
Indo-European, Celtic Manx Pokejee
Indo-European, Celtic Scottish Gaelic Pokedia
Indo-European, Celtic Welsh Pokeduw, Poceduw
Indo-European, Germanic Afrikaans Pokegod
Indo-European, Germanic Alsatian Pokegot
Indo-European, Germanic Danish Pokegud
Indo-European, Germanic Dutch Pokegod
Indo-European, Germanic Faroese Pokegud
Indo-European, Germanic Flemish Pokegod
Indo-European, Germanic Frisian Pokegod
Indo-European, Germanic German Pokegott
Indo-European, Germanic Icelandic Pokeguð
Indo-European, Germanic Luxembourgish Pokegott
Indo-European, Germanic Norwegian Pokegud
Indo-European, Germanic Swedish Pokegut
Indo-European, Indo-Aryan Hindi पोकेपरमेश्वर
Indo-European, Indo-Aryan Urdu پوکیخدا
Indo-European, Iranian Ossetian Покехуыцау
Indo-European, Iranian Persian/Farsi پوکخدا
Indo-European, Iranian Tajik Покехудо
Indo-European, isolate Albanian Pokezot
Indo-European, isolate Greek Ποκεθεός
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Catalan Poke Déu, Poque Déu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Corsican Poke Diu, Poche Diu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin French Poké Dieu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Galician Poke Deus, Poque Deus
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Italian Poke Dio, Poche Dio
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Latin Pokedeus
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Neapolitan Poke Diu, Poche Diu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Occitan Poke Diu, Poque Diu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Portuguese Poke Deus, Poque Deus
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Provençal Poke Diéu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Romanian Poke Dumnezeu, Poche Dumnezeu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Sicilian Poke Diu, Poche Diu
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Spanish Poke Dios, Poque Dios
Indo-European, Romance/Latin Walloon Poke Dieu, Poke Diè, Poke Diu
Indo-European, Slavic Belarusian Пакебог
Indo-European, Slavic Bulgarian Покебог
Indo-European, Slavic Czech Pokébůh
Indo-European, Slavic Macedonian Покебог
Indo-European, Slavic Polish Pokebóg
Indo-European, Slavic Russian Покебог
Indo-European, Slavic Serbo-Croatian Pokebog/Покебог
Indo-European, Slavic Slovak Pokeboh
Indo-European, Slavic Slovene/Slovenian Pokebog
Indo-European, Slavic Ukrainian Покебог
Language isolate Basque Pokejainkoa
Niger-Congo Wolof Pokeyàalla
Quechuan Quechua Pokepachamac
Sino-Tibetan Chinese (Simplified) 宠物小精灵神
Sino-Tibetan Chinese (Traditional) 寵物小精靈神
Tai-Kadai Thai พระเจ้าโปเกมอน
Uralic Estonian Pokejumal
Uralic Finnish Pokejumala
Uralic Hungarian Pokeisten
Uralic Sami Pokeipmil
Uto-Aztecan Nahuatl Poketeotl
Unknown, possibly Altaic Japanese ポケゴド (transliteration)
Unknown, possibly Altaic Korean 포케가드 (transliteration)

Dialects and varieties are in italics

1 Whether the Mongolic languages are Altaic or not is currently disputed

Did I make a mistake? Did I forget your language? Is there a language you would like to see up there? You are always welcome to help me expand the list. Just leave a message in my pigeon hole! WE ARE NOT STOPPING UNTIL WE HAVE EVERY SINGLE LANGUAGE IN EXISTENCE!!! please do not do this since I already said that I am inactive

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