Pandurang Patankar

  • I live in India,Maharashtra, Mumbai
  • Bio India 🇮🇳

    I am on 3 different fandoms
    1) Pokemon
    2) Clash of clans (Left)
    3) Cars (Left)

    Some lines before I start my bio~

    "The way to get started is quit talking and begin doing"

    ~ Walt Disney

    "Don't let yesterday take up too much Today"

    ~ Will Rogers

    "We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated"

    ~ Maya Angelou

    "Everyone wants happiness no one wants pain but don't forget when it rains then only we can see a beautiful rainbow"

    New rules -

    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    Disscusion Guidelines ~

    Pokemon fandom -
    Myself -
    Name : Sp. Can call me sp or pp. My name starts with 's'.
    Gender : Male.
    Birthday : 17 October.
    Age : 16.
    Nature : You Decide.

    Saksham wiki



    It's block list :-

    Gaurav's wiki

    Titom's wiki

    I am discussion moderator in all the wikis. Admin in gaurav's wiki.

    Languages I know
    1) मराठी (Marathi) 👍
    2) हिंदी (Hindi)
    3) English

    About Discord ~

    We have our own Pokémon official server at discord Here is it's invite link ~

    Have fun there! Also be sure to read the rules

    Well, my discord un and hashtag is


    Things I like -
    Ninja hattori
    Cars (Especially Lamborgini)
    And many games that are available at play store and internet.
    Chatting with my friends.
    Play with Pokecord bot (In discord)

    Things I hate -
    Chota bheem
    Those who speak me bad.
    Ash. (would make a joke of him if I meet)
    Noobs, idiots.

    I don't hate any subject but I try to improve in that.

    Favorite cricketers -
    1) Virat Kohli.
    2) Steven Smith 👍(Like his batting)
    3) Dinesh Karthik.
    4) Rohit Sharma.
    5) Muttiah Muralitharan 👍 (Dangerous Spinner of cricket world)

    I am a fan of cricket I can chat about cricket if you want.

    Characters I like ~
    1) Misty. (Was my love)
    2) Red. (So cool)
    3) James.
    4) Serena.
    5) May.
    6) Dawn.
    Etc. Etc.

    I am always ready to help anyone if you want any help just ask me don't feel shy. I might help you.

    My night emoji : 🌃.

    I have whole updated my friends list 👍👍

    My friends -

    1 Harshit (second friend) (BF)
    2 Aditya (BF)
    3 Akshay
    4 Chef cokkee (Now not in this fandom 😢) (knows Marathi as well) (BFF)
    5 Trainer Micah (Friendly and good mod) (BFF)
    6 Alola Trainer Michael
    7 Blue flamed infernape (BF)
    8 Yashmoee (First Friend here) check out his bio
    Check out Yashmoee on Pokemon. (I think he left fandom)
    9 Monty
    10 Piyush (BF)
    11Abhishek (BF)
    12 Gaurav ( he is like me like my brother) (BFF)
    13 Vedant (BFF)
    14 San (BF)
    15 Naina (BF)
    16 Andrew
    17 Harsh (BFF)
    18 Ali (BF) ( A good friend of mine )
    19 Maaz Ghani (good friend)
    20 Anchana.
    21 Titom Roy ( He is Average )
    22 Flashfire
    23 Piyush.
    24 Crys.
    25 Aarushi.
    26 master of all Pokemons aka Shaurya. (BFF)
    27 X Dragonlord aka Saksham
    Alain sycamore now. (BF)
    28 Pokemon trainer JAZZ
    29 Arghya Chowdhury (BFF)
    30 Ayan
    31 Ujjal
    32 Anwar ( he is like me, good in handling noobs ) (BF)
    33 Suresh. (BF) (I think left fandom)
    34. Electric Trainer Marlin (BFF)
    35. Mega Sceptile. (BF)
    36 Shashank.
    37 Pokestar girl (honest and sweet girl ever seen she is my very very best friend)
    38. Renu vig. (BF)
    39. Omkar.
    40. Star tranier may. (Very special for me) (She is sweet hearted, caring, always ready to help others, etc. Words are less to describe her) (BFF)
    41. Alison.
    42. Bhandari Sumit K (BF)
    43. Sovit (BFF) (Always bad happens around him I hope he overcomes through it & Also the guy who have truly recognized me)
    And many more..

    More good friends -
    Alia (Her bio is awesome I like to read it... & also a good friend)
    Aditya (Master trainer 001)

    I think you know what is BF and BFF if you don't know then BF means Best friend and BFF means best friends forever.

    I am trying to make more friends as much as I can.

    Also I want to meet my old friends I miss them 😢😢

    These are some users bio :-
    1) Yashmoee -

    2) Star Tranier May -

    3) Pokestar girl -

    4) MasterGaurav04 -

    5) Arghya Chowdhury -

    6) Electric Trainer Marlin -

    7) Anwar loane -

    7) XO Pokemon Series XD -

    8) Maaz Ghani -

    9) See this girl -_- it's good that she left this place...

    Check out QueenCupcake025 on Pokemon.

    10) Legend noob I mean trainer -
    About Pokemons and battles -
    Here you can see all legendary Pokemons

    My favorite Pokemon -
    1) Mr. Mime.
    2) Venusaur.
    3) Pikachu.
    4) Charizard.
    5) Dialga.
    6) ?

    Welcome to my new discovered region
    Region Name ~ Sufien region
    Number of Pokemons ~ 72
    Rare pokemons ~ Altaria, Machamp and Milotic.
    The rarest Pokemon is found here is dindigul which is a fire and dragon type.
    Starters ~ Sunsko (grass type)
    Tamper (Fire type)
    Waleo (Water type)
    Gyms ~ 9 Gyms
    Season ~ January to February ~ Autumn
    March to June ~ Summer
    July to September ~ Rainy
    October to December ~ Winter
    Legendary Pokemon founded - Kazhekheze (Steel and Dark type) at blue tower.
    Villains ~ Team Mystic legend.
    Game series ~ Pokemon Blue Sky.

    This game allows to play in johto, Kanto and unova region + all pokemon are catchable from gen 1 to 7 + 72 of Sufien region.

    Oh there are some Pokemons I found in my pc when I was playing a game

    Charmander (x3)

    Battles -
    Won - 01 (My first win against ali)
    Lost - 00
    Draw - 00

    Showdown battles -
    Won - 230+
    Lost - 80+
    Draw - 00

    Showdown status - Left
    My best battles list.
    Arceus is the real god if you won't believe see this battle

    The link is not working in that battle my Arceus defeated all 6 legendary Pokemon of Vedant! Isn't it cool?....!

    About fandom

    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    Check out this main thing the new rules of here :-

    Also be sure to read the discussion guidelines

    Block List of this fandom :-

    If you are bore of username you can change your username here -

    If you have any problem regarding to this fandom contact or feedback(whatever) here -

    One more thing this wiki comprises of 6 Mods and 3 Admins

    Mods(Discussion moderators) You will see that they have chat sign on the top of their profile picture.
    1. Khaleesa
    2. Billvee
    3. Annabeth and Percy
    4. Trainer micah
    5. Ash Vs Gary (Harsh)
    6. Alain Sycamore (Saksham)
    7. Shashank Singh.
    8. Paul the Dragon trainer.

    Admins you will see a Star sign on the top of their profile picture.
    1. Energy X
    2. Lordranged
    3. Yoponot

    Tbh, I wasnt online for many months here so neglect this if any change I hope you figure them out.


    1) Off Topics are Banned. So chat for sometime but don't chat too much ( Only for new comers). 28/5/17.

    2) Beware of hackers anyone can hack your account. 9/6/17.

    3) Don't make useless post here that has no sense. 24/6/17.

    4) Anytime you can be log out so see to it and again sign in. 25/6/17.

    5) Careful many noobs are here. 1/8/17

    I have crossed 15000 replies!

    Now what? Bye! It's enough for today!.

    Cars fandom - No one is online there.
    Clash of clans fandom -
    Reverb frost is a good guy and MOD there.
    Sorry! Under construction 😅 🚧

    Well thank you for reading my bio I hope you have a nice day/night in your local time.

    To be continued.......
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Hello! I am pp it's nice to meet you. I hope you have a great time in this wiki.

About me :-

I am pp who is interested in Pokemons. My full name Pandurang Patankar though my real name is not Pandurang. I like many Pokemon games based on main series and others.Though I have many friends over here. Though some are there some are not... I would love to meet and chat with them again and be in touch with them. You can know more about me by reading my bio.

Male Symbol This user is male.


There are a lot of Pokemons in pokemon world with various types and species. They live in various Parts of the region. Some of them I like and are my favorites.

Pokemons I like :-

1) Mr. Mime.

2) Venusaur.

3) Pikachu.

4) Sylveon.

5) Vulpix.

6) Arcanine.

7) Eevee.

8) Umbreon.

9) Aggron.

10) Altaria.

11) Salamence.

12) Metagross.

13) Dusknoir.

14) Gardevoir.

Etc. Etc.

Some legends :-

1) Articuno.

2) Reshiram

3) Suicune.

4) Rayquaza.

5) Palkia.

6) Xerneas.

7) Solgaleo.

Etc. Etc.

Some mythics :-

1) Mew.

2) Arceus.

Some Ultra Beasts :-

1) Naganadel.

2) Guzzlord.

3) Stakataka.

4) Blacephalon.

Favorite Generations :- 

007 This user is a fan of Generation I.
255 This user is a fan of Generation III.
656 This user is a fan of Generation VI.
722 This user is a fan of Generation VII.

Favorite Games :-

025Pikachu This user is a fan of Pokémon Yellow.
245Suicune This user is a fan of Pokémon Crystal.
006Charizard This user is a fan of Pokémon FireRed.
003Venusaur This user is a fan of Pokémon LeafGreen.
384Rayquaza This user is a fan of Pokémon Emerald.
483Dialga This user is a fan of Pokémon Diamond.
484Palkia This user is a fan of Pokémon Pearl.
487BGiratina This user is a fan of Pokémon Platinum.
643Reshiram This user is a fan of Pokémon Black.
646BKyurem This user is a fan of Pokémon Black 2.
644Zekrom This user is a fan of Pokémon White.
646CKyurem This user is a fan of Pokémon White 2.
716Xerneas This user is a fan of Pokémon X.
717Yveltal This user is a fan of Pokémon Y.
Primal Groudon This user is a fan of Pokémon Omega Ruby.
791Solgaleo This user is a fan of Pokémon Sun.

Favorite Type

Type Grass This user is a fan of Grass type Pokémon.
Type Psychic This user is a fan of Psychic type Pokémon.
Type Steel This user is a fan of Steel type Pokémon.
Type Fairy This user is a fan of Fairy type Pokémon.

To be continued...

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