About me

I am a true Pokemon Fan and willing to help anyone. I have a bulbapedia account and try to edit there as well.


Karul Lin - Karu Rin

Alias Oshawott Gijinka
Class Pokemon Ranger
Favorite Game Pokemon Heart Gold
Favorite Opening Song Pokemon Best Wishes! Opening
Favorite Pokemon Vaporeon/Oshawott

Favorite Pokemon

Spikey Eared Pichu 0. Spiky-eared Pichu and Pikachu-Colored Pichu

Vaporeon BW1. Vaporeon

Oshawott BW 2. Oshawott

Axew BW 3. Axew

Vanilluxe BW 4. Vanilluxe

HGSS 025 front 5. Pikachu

My contributions

Continuing to add/edit articles

My favorite pages

My Pokemon

Pokémon Emerald/Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire/Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
Dragonite BW 1. Dragonite
Politoed BW 2. Politoed
Dunsparce BW 3. Dunsparce
Delcatty BW 4. Delcatty
HGSS 036 front 5. Clefable
6. Rhydon
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Pikachu BW 1. Pikachu
Empoleon BW 2. Empoleon
Infernape BW 3. Infernape
Torterra BW 4. Torterra
Garchomp BW 5. Garchomp
Gliscor BW 6. Gliscor
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Ninjask BW 1. Ninjask
Scizor BW 2. Scizor
Shaymin-Land-Forme BW 3. Shaymin
Alakazam BW 4. Alakazam
Shuckle BW 5. Shuckle
Breloom BW 6. Breloom
Pokémon Black and White
Ninjask BW Ninjask
Scizor BW Scizor
565Carracosta GIANT Carracosta D:<
Vanilluxe BW Vanilluxe
635Hydreigon Hydreigon
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