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Name Unsane
A.K.A Tenebrae
Pokémon Used Absol, Spiritomb, Mismagius, Honchkrow, Weavile, and Gengar
Hometown Ecruteak City
Date of Birth February 28, 1998
Age 14
League Rank Elite Four
Friends None. Yet.
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"I am Unsane. Time shall compress... All existence denied."
— Me, before going insane and destroying existence. Can't wait.

Shmello and welcome to my space church userpage! My name is - oh, wait, I can't tell you that. Whoopsie daisy! ( ;^_^)

My name is Unsane. I prefer being called my title: King of the Dark Horizon, Unsane. Since this is informal, you can just call me Unsane.

I'm a fan of Final Fantasy. All of them are masterpieces, but IX is the best~!

Uh... I'm apart of the elite four. Isn't that neat? (This ought to do...)

I specialize in the Ghost and Dark type, though I use many types. The league said I could only specialize in one or two types, so I decided to specialize in my two favorite types.

The team in Pokémon Used is only my official team used in the elite four battles; I use a very different team in non-elite four battles. You can't use Legendary Pokémon, so no Darkrai. I do use it in my non-elite four team, though.

You can't battle me. Why? Pokémon Black and White was in the late '80s. This is 2012. >_>

I, along with three other trainers, replaced the elite fours in Black and White. What happened to them? Well, from what I've heard...

Shauntal - Left the league and settled down in a nice home. Married with two kids, she now writes novels. She's very popular. I'm a fan, too.

Marshal - After losing to an opponent, he felt discouraged. He sought comfort, but was rejected and humiliated. He retreated to the mountains. Nobody has seen him since. Its assumed he's dead, though.

Grimsley - Lives in an upstate mansion. I know him, and we're even friends.

Caitlin - She vanished without a trace. Conspiracy theorists say that she stepped into a portal leading to another dimension. She now lives as a princess in another reality named "Princess Peach". Its a bunch of baloney, if you ask me.

So yeah. Nobody wanted to replace Shauntal, as Ghost Pokémon creep everybody out, so I took up both Shauntal and Grimsley's place as the elite four. Some guy that specializes on the Fire type is in Shauntal's place.

As I said before, the team in Pokémon Used is my E4 battle team. This is my normal battle team:

  1. Gardevoir OR Espeon
  2. Gengar
  3. Lucario
  4. Empoleon
  5. Garchomp
  6. Darkrai

Absol, Spiritomb, Mismagius, Honchkrow, and Weavile aren't used. I really wanted to use Weavile but no, their can only be six Pokémon. Makes me mad.


About me Meh.
Hello and Welcome to my userpage. This is Unsane. I've created multiple accounts, so I might as well put 'em up for all to see:

I'm most active there; but I do have an account on Chrono Wiki. Also, I would like to say that I'm a WikiWizard. Isn't that neat? Finally, I should warn you; I tend to "Meh..." alot. This is a warning.


Just meh.




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