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Interview as featured user.
I am a Pakistani Pokémon fan namely Usman Khalil. I came to Pokémon Wiki when I saw another person from Pakistan Ady. By seeing his contributions to Pokémon,it became my wish to promote the Wiki. Thats the reason of my arrival to this wiki. I like to watch Dragon Ball, Beyblade, Pokémon and Doraemon. I have played all of the Pokémon games and mine favorite one is Pokémon Black 2. The best side series game for me is Pokémon Conquest. I am new user here so I need the help of other experienced users. I will try my best to contribute to this wiki.

Way To Wiki

I joined this wiki in April of 2013. Before that I joined Bulbapedia. When I started editing there, I felt little problem. The reason was that they do tough and professional editing and for an unprofessional user like me, it was hard to edit there. I knew that I need practice to edit there. After two months, I joined this wiki.By careful observation, I saw that to edit this wiki, one don't need to be a professional. I started editing here and reached to 1000 edits in a month. Now I am upto task of uploading images of AG series. The only cause I have 1500+ edits is this person. He always helped me me in editing.I don't think I can ever thank him.

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