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KidProdigy formerly known as ProGamerP9 joined the Pokémon Wiki on September 28, 2010 and was one of the Pokémon Wiki rollback users from January 23 to July 2013. KidProdigy already made 3,277 edits around the Pokémon Wiki.

History of becoming a Pokémon fan

I have been a fan of the Pokémon series since the release of the Generation I series and still on I am big Pokémon fan. I obtained many merchandise of the series, from the games to the cards and from cards to toys. Anyway, many of the Pokémon merchandise that I owned previously has been either broken or mysteriously gone which I am only adding the game systems to my collection. The reason why I've become a Pokémon fan was because of the anime. After seeing only Episode 1 of the anime series I am enjoying the series. But when you grow older you notice that the Pokémon series are not more the same as it used to be. Despite that I don't love the anime any more, I am focusing on the main game series, the initial growth of the Pokémon series. Anyway, this is my short few of the birth of my Pokémon addiction.

Pokémon Wiki

I've joined the Pokémon Wiki on September 28, 2010 where I made my first edit. I though that everyone should know the fact that Ash eyes has been turned much lighter than it's initial appearance, but soon after that I've lost trust in editing this wiki. It didn't meant that I left this wiki, it was more to train my abilities as a editor around different wikia's. I returned around September, 2012 to show my abilities around this wiki but I was frequently inactive due to that I am administrator at various of different wiki's. But due my enjoyment of the Pokémon series, I wanted to edit around here as much as possible to become as popular as Serebii and Bulbapedia. Serebii and Bulbapedia are my main inspiration of given away information of the Pokémon series. Bulbapedia's information of the Pokémon series are so well precise and correct that I gave some hope up for this wiki which I believed that this wiki already had lost to Bulbapedia.

I want to make my way to make this website even more better than each and every fan-based Pokémon websites, not only Serebii and Bulbapedia. I believe that not only me but many other editors will make that change to happen around this wiki. I want to show my skills that I've learned on other wiki and want to prove it around here (also at my other wiki's).

To Do List

  • Handling each stub around the Pokémon Wikia (but only stubs on the game sections).
  • Correcting grammar and spellings.
  • Watching out for vandalism.
  • Creating the walkthroughs (after finishing with my initial tasks).
  • Trying to create new templates and revamping old templates to make them into useful original templates exclusively only for this wikia.


KidProdigy Pokémon Team's

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Turtwig BW

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Pokémon Black Version

Touya's challenge
Tranquill BW Munna BW Panpour BW Servine BW

Pokémon Black Version 2

Lillipup BW Oshawott BW

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