Ilovecats and fish

aka UltraTurgeon/Alternate Creator

  • I live in In a house with a 7-year old PlanetPek.
  • My occupation is Making Alternate Monsters. Duh.
  • I am he
About me Hello
so uh I like Drifloon and vanillite and whatnot point is I like inanimate object Pokémon.

except garbordor he he is litterally trash

ha puns xd

My favorite pages My friends
Drifloon (Favorite. End of sentence.)

Vanillite (Favorite Pokemon)

Marnie (Favorite Character)

Hyper Potion (Favorite Item)

Ultra Ball (Favorite Ball)

Deoxys (Favorite Legendary)

Watchtower Ruins (Favorite Place)

I don’t have friends, so can you please give me a friend request on discord? Thx :)
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