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About Me

"Like a Celebi she brings Peace and Harmony to all Pokémon."

Hi I'm Hstar. Before I explain about myself let me give you an anecdote. I came on this Wiki ages and ages ago because at that age (conveniently the age of a Pokemon Trainer starting off) I had a huge interest in Anime and Pokemon. So I came on this Wiki with a goal to complete every Episode Page, I started off with the Indigo League all on my own with Admin's clearing up any mistakes I made. Then my skills grew over time and I became an Admin myself and people now respect me as a member. I then requested Project Anime to be made as many other projects were being made at that time. I also minorly helped with some Anime Templates and giving my thoughts on them - but the credit goes to the people that made them. I now have a Team of Members who edit anything and everything Anime related whilst I'm away doing my GCSEs because I'm all grown up now compared to when I first started! :P

I do most of my work on the Episode Guide, Episodes and Movies but that doesn't mean I don't edit other things. Please let me know on my talk page if you see any problems based on the Pokemon Anime sections and I will sort it out as soon as possible. Also let me know if you create any new Episode pages so that I can link them to the Episode Guide so they can be seen and recognised. Oh and by the way if you've left a message on my talk page about the actual Episode Guide Page and I haven't taken action make sure that if you send something like that also send it to admins or members of Project Anime. I own a DS Lite and a Wii. I have the following Pokemon Games: Diamond, Ranger: Shadows of Almia, Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Pokemon Platinum, Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky and HeartGold.

Badges I used to have and other related awards: I've been voted User of the Month March 2011 which is nice to know, because it shows people recognise me. I've also earnt the Lucky 23,000, 40,000 and 41,000 edits on this wiki (I've always hoped to make a lucky edit) I was the first to earn the Dedicated Badge for coming on the Wiki for 60 days straight. I've now got the 100 Day badge - Addicted and I plan to be the first to get the 200 Day Wiki for Life Badge!

Chief Editor of the Anime Department

I am so very lucky to have been promoted by Evanf to Chief Editor of the Anime Department! This does not happen often, so whenever someone needs help in an Project Anime Article, you'll directed to me!! So if you have any issues to do with Anime feel free to leave a note on my talk page and I'll have it sorted in a jiffy! Hstar 13:23, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

My contributions

My favorite pages

Pages I've created

I don't really count or remember pages I've created but I'm 100% sure I've created most if not 80% of the episodes. Apart from that just look at the pages I follow because I always follow something I've created and I follow other things. I created Shooti.


Who is your favourite Anime Antagonist?

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To add up how many edits I have added all the Number's in the Pokemon Column except Talk, User, User talk, User Blog and User Blog comment because they're not edits for the wiki, they're for commenting and editing your profile so they don't really count. If you'd like me to put an edit count on your profile, just ask.


Do not copy from them but here are some resources I use which help me to edit articles

  • Serebii
  • Marriland
  • Bulbapedia
  • Official Pokemon Websites
  • Filb
  • pocketmonsters


Movies that I've seen. (In the order I saw them, not the order they came out)


Because I'm nice and you love the Anime here are some links where you can watch Pokémon. Copy and paste the URLs.

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