About me

Name: Tyler

Age: 15

Fan of Pokemon since: 1998

Favorite Gen 1 Pokemon: Charizard

Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon: Typhlosion

Favorite Gen 3 Pokemon: Blaziken

Favorite Gen 4 Pokemon: Shaymin Sky and Land Forme

Favorite Gen 5 Pokemon: Victini

Favorite Gen 1 Game Character: Blue

Favorite Gen 2 Game Character: Silver

Favorite Gen 3 Game Character: Wally

Favorite Gen 4 Game Character: Dawn

Favorite Gen 5 Game Character: Black

Favorite Anime Character Indigo League and Johto League: Ash Ketchum and Ritchie

Favorite Anime Character Hoenn League: May

Favorite Anime Character Sinnoh League: Ash Ketchum

Favorite Anime Character Unova Region: Iris

Favorite Overall Anime Character: Ash Ketchum

Favorite Anime Pokemon: Ash's Pikachu

My contributions

  • Made the Ice Team page
  • Added many photos to the Wiki. :D

My favorite pages

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