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{{PokePower Member}}
Welcome to my userpage, though there's not much and will probably stay that way. Around here, I'm a rollbacker, which means that I can use the [rollback] tool, which allows me to easily revert multiple vandalizing or unwanted edits on articles. Other than that, I mainly<!-- clean up articles,--> revert vandalism and update articles with new B2W2 information.<!--, and if I'm in the mood, create a few anime location/character articles.-->
*'''March 17, 2012''' Joined the wiki
*'''April 18, 2012''' Joined the Walkthrough Project
*'''April 26, 2012''' Became a rollback
*'''April 26, 2012''' Joined PokePower
*'''May 2, 2012''' Featured User of the Month - April

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