Hello as my username says, I am Caring16 or Caring. I was looking through different usernames at the main wikia and found this place, Have to say i like it. My favorite pokemons are Pikachu Butterfree Absol Dragonite Ninetails and Charizard, I have nearly all the DS/3ds pokemon games. and my biggest thing in the world that i really love to do is Role playing different ideas. Allot might not be about pokemon but at the same time if you ask i tend to do OC type rps then anything. I don't like the hit point style Role plays. mainly because it messes me up and how i think and such. Don't be shy when i start acting weird. It's how i am wired. Though i should say that sometimes i can act a little annoyed or be a bit foreceful when dealing with things, if i am please let me know or even just say hey need to talk. I don't mind sharing a bit about myself. However some things i might not talk about. Anyway i think i bugged you enough for now. Thank you for taking time to read this and have a happy  day. smiles go for miles.

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