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Hello! My name is CaptainSteveDerp (Justin in real life) and I am a Pokémon fan since 2008 (8 years by now). I have joined this wiki out of pure fun to fill out these empty blank pages and add some information!. My current goal is to add more information in this wiki until I get busy and lazy. I currently am working on a lot of categories (I do Sprites, Anime, TCG, Manga, and other images) which is pretty easy when you know where to get resources. I have been a member since September 23, 2014 and made many friends(lies) in this wiki. I currently have played Pokémon Yellow, Red, Crystal, Gold, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Heart Gold, Black, White 2, Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue, and Explorers of Sky .

All my Edits are made thanks to these sites!
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TCG ""
(I just wait for the time for the thingy to appear)
Manga http://

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