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Hi! My name is Bubby. I've loved Pokèmon since I was 4 and never seem to forget it. I role play as a shiny Umbreon, a shiny Eevee, and a Raichu, and was planning to evolve my Eevee boyo into a Jolteon! CHARMANDER FTW!!!
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Hexahedric (首なし Kubinashi) is a Fighting type Pokèmon introduced in Pokèmon: Shapes and Beats. They are based off of Cube, a character of the Just Shapes and Beats fan fiction "Pink Corruption". They're also loosely based off of Rockruff.



Hexahedric is a humanoid with a floating blue cube for a head. Their head has soft, round corners. Their eyes are usually closed, as they see without opening their eyes, but will open their eyes when startled, shocked, or scared. They have a triangle marking on their chest and floating whitish-blue cubes for hands.

Gender differences

Female Hexahedric have larger triangle markings on their chest than males. Females also sometimes have eyelashes, while males never do.


Hexahedric have incredible strength. The strongest known Hexahedric can lift more than a hundred tons. The triangle marking on their chest stores up the excess energy they take in for later, which plays a large role in their evolution, which takes a lot of energy out of them.


Hexahedric are kind and loving, and will tightly hug their trainers as a way of affection. However, they usually become fierce during the time they grow older. When they know that they will evolve, they might leave their trainers for a while until their evolutions are completed. These behaviors are quite similar to Rockruff. They also consume and sleep a lot more when they are going to evolve, because evolution takes a lot of energy out of them.


Hexyborg is a Fighting/Steel type Pokèmon introduced in Pokèmon: Shapes and Beats. It is based off the Just Shapes and Beats boss stage "Close to Me" as well as Cubic from the fan series "Pink Corruption".
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