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*[[File:Body01.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 01 Pokémon]] - head only *[[File:Body02.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 02 Pokémon]] - serpent-like *[[File:Body03.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 03 Pokémon]] - with fins *[[File:Body04.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 04 Pokémon]] - head and arms *[[File:Body05.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 05 Pokémon]] - head and base *[[File:Body06.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 06 Pokémon]] - bipedal (tail) *[[File:Body07.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 07 Pokémon]] - head and legs *[[File:Body08.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 08 Pokémon]] - quadruped *[[File:Body09.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 09 Pokémon]] - single pair of wings *[[File:Body10.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 10 Pokémon]] - tentacles/multiped *[[File:Body11.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 11 Pokémon]] - multiple bodies *[[File:Body12.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 12 Pokémon]] - bipedal (tailless) *[[File:Body13.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 13 Pokémon]] - two+ pair of wings *[[File:Body14.png]] - [[:Category:Body style 14 Pokémon]] - insect-like
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Well, there is no need to be a stalker much, but if you simply cannot resist reading stuff about me, well no one is stopping you. After all, I am irresistible. ;)

Jirachi BW

If I have not made myself notable, I am Bermuda. I am a former administrator. Leave me a message on talk page if you would like to introduce yourself! Don't forget to sign your messages!

Other than that, I am a Pokémon freak. I've been playing since the very beginning, starting with Pokémon Blue. Ever since then, all those wonderful things you call "money" have been going to Pokémon games. The only sad part is that I do not own these games from the main series: Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Emerald. Cry, cry. I also own Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Pokémon Ranger, Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, and Pokémon Rumble.

Glaceon Shiny Pt

I have resigned from my post as administrator, due to no time in helping out the wiki. I will not be as active as much, and I may not come back. You may still leave me a message on my talk page, but please don't expect a reply.

Well, that's it!

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