aka Bec

  • I live in NSW, Australia
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

About me

Well, my name is Bec, and im from Australia.

I've recently graduated high school, and ever since I was young, i have been a Pokemon fan.

I finally got Pokemon White, and I am currently playing it, updating any pages as I progress :)

I try my best to contribute to the Wikia as best as I can, and help it improve. However, everyone makes mistakes and I take any helpful criticism open-mindedly.

Feel free to leave me a message :)

Games I Own

  • Pokemon Ruby
  • Pokemon Fire Red
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon White

(my brother gets the opposite game from each generation)

Unfortunately I don't have HeartGold or SoulSilver as of yet. I also have none of the original GameBoy games - Blue, Red, Yellow, Crystal etc. as they got lost when we renovated our old house when I was younger :(

My Personal Websites

feel free to add me on Facebook, just let me know you're from here.

On a More Personal Note

  • I live with my mum, step-dad and brother, with my Pomeranian - Kara. I see my older step-brothers and one of my baby nieces infrequently.
  • I visit my father, his girlfriend and 3 step-sisters every second weekend.
  • I used to see my grandparents I actually associate with frequently, but due to a falling out I rarely see them.
  • I have a 20year old boyfriend, Mark, whom I love very much. We have been together since the 22/2/2010.

My contributions

My favorite pages

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