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Hey! My name is Shedinja (online) or if you prefer, Sam. I am a HUGE fan of MSM and especially on the Lukesse shipping :p I'm also a fan of Pokemon. I am knowledgeable in music ( gr. 8 piano and gr. 3 violin) along with theory, so if you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime. I play Xbox X, the ps4, Nintendo Switch, 3DS and the Laptop. My favorite games are Minecraft Story Mode (season 1/2), Roblox, Animal Jam, and Slime Rancher. Last of all, I am a hobbyist in writing but hope to become an author one day. I am currently working on a MSM novel series to promote its fame and to get some company to buy Telltale so that they can make a season 3! That's all! In a nutshell!
Hey there! I'm Shedinja! 
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