Sylveon's creativities

aka Sylvie

  • I live in 💎
  • Bio 🎂Check out my YouTube channel!🎂
    💐The name of my channel is Sylveon's Creativities.💐

    ◆My nickname is Sylvie, so call me in that name!😊
    Please do not call me "Rekha", this is the name of my mother whom I love and respect very much😤, so D.O.N.O.T call me "Rekha".

    ◆Follow me on Wattpad!😊

    • My user name there is SylveonsCreativities.

    • If you make any Pokemon Song, rap, poem, etc and want me to post it in the wattpad, I will post that for you!😊 Don't worry your credits will be given.

    ◆If you can't find it on YouTube then please search it on Google.

    ◆If you are able to find my channel in youtube, please do check out my videos!~😊

    ◆And I know it's a hard work but please do write my whole channel's name that is Sylveon's Creativities.
    If don't write this whole name, you will never get to see my YouTube channel. But you can search by writing SylveonsCreativities too, then also it will work😊.

    ◆ I think this much information is enough, Thank you for reading it!~😊

    🌸Have a Great day ahead!~🌸


    💐Okay, I have a little to say about myself!😊💐

    ◆ My nickname is Sylvie, as I mentioned before🙂.

    ◆ I am a Youtuber and have a channel, "Sylveon's Creativities". (I mentioned this, too😅)

    ◆ My hobby is to collect Pokemon merchandise, stickers and drawing.

    ◆I invented Money Language. This is an example of the language,
    $¥£√¡€ (This is my nickname "Sylvie"😁)

    ◆ I am the lucky one to comment at the exact moment "Congratulations" to cross 100k replies in Off Topic Post (made by @Gary Oakkk)! In other words, I wrote the 100K- th comment! #PerfectTiming

    ◆ I have joined this wiki on November 4th, 2018.

    ◆ I typed the longest "hi" of history in this wiki on the Off topic post (made by @Gary Oakkk), if you want to check it yourself then search it yourself! XD
    (Though, seriously, I actually have)

    ◆ I love Dominoes Pizza!🍕😍

    ◆ Now, that I am ending my bio, can you decipher the meaning of the given sentence correctly? (XD)
    I wonder that I wonder that why I wonder and What I wonder with some wonder and how I wonder with what I wonder and did I wonder?
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