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This Gabite is a dragon/ground-type Pokémon owned by Ursula.


Ursula's Gabite encountered Dawn's Pachirisu, and stomped on its Poffin. This made Pachirisu mad enough to retaliate: as Ursula called her Gabite, the latter was attacked by Super Fang. During the Chocovine Town's Contest, Ursula used Gabite to defeat Jessie and Carnivine, to advance to the final round, where she faced Dawn. Gabite started off with Dragon Claw, which Pachirisu evaded by spinning around. Still, Gabite hit Pachirisu, and countered its Super Fang with Aerial Ace, inflicting even more damage. Pachirisu attempted to use Sweet Kiss, but was beaten by Aerial Ace.

Gabite fired Stone Edge, to which Pachirisu used Discharge to counter. As Gabite went to use Dragon Rage, Pachirisu used Spark, and succeeded in stopping that move. Using its tail, Pachirisu deflected Dragon Claw. Gabite copied its moves, spinning around as it used Stone Edge, to which Pachirisu used its tail once more to stop that attack. The two sides then used Dragon Rage and Super Fang, in which Pachirisu evaded the former's attack and struck Gabite. As time was up, Ursula lost more points than Dawn did, and thus lost the round.[1]

In Sandalstraw Town's Contest, Team Rocket remembered Ursula's Gabite's swift moves. Jessie planned on using a similar tactic to win this Contest, too.[2] Gabite was later used in Daybreak Town's Contest, along with Jigglypuff. The latter used Rollout to slide along Gabite's fin and be bounced away. Gabite bounced Jigglypuff away with Iron Tail, then used Stone Edge. The stones shattered by Jigglypuff's Hyper voice, spreading glitter around. Gabite then used Sand Tomb, whereas Jigglypuff used Gyro Ball in the sand to spread even more glitter around. Gabite's Dragon Claw stopped Jigglypuff from spinning around, and finished Ursula's performance.[3] Ursula used Flareon and Gabite to battle Dawn's Pachirisu and Mamoswine during a round in the Grand Festival. Pachirisu started off with Discharge, to which Gabite stood in the way to take the hit: as Gabite was a Ground-type Pokémon, the move had no effect on it. Pachirisu powered Mamoswine up, whose Take Down struck Gabite, tackling it onto Flareon. Gabite retaliated with a Sandstorm, striking Pachirisu and Mamoswine. As the latter went to use Ancient Power to counter Gabite, Flareon used Scary Face to mold with the Sandstorm, frightening Mamoswine and preventing it from attacking. Pachirisu went to use Super Fang, along with Mamoswine's Ice Shard, but were surrounded by Gabite's Double Team illusions. Flareon fired a Shadow Ball, hitting both Mamoswine and Pachirisu.

The two Pokémon stood up, so Flareon repeated its attack, striking Mamoswine once more. Mamoswine mounted an offense when it shattered an Ice Shard with its tusks, whereas Pachirisu ran to attack. However, both Flareon and Gabite intercepted their attacks, with Flareon using Fire Spin to melt down the Ice Shard and Gabite's Dragon Claw to hit Pachirisu. Flareon emitted another Fire Spin, but this turned Mamoswine's Ice Shard into glitter. Mamoswine and Pachirisu repeated their attacks: when Gabite and Flareon went to use Dragon Claw and Fire Spin, Pachirisu dodged Gabite's attack and hit Flareon instead. Mamoswine's Ice Shard surrounded Pachirisu, who used Discharge to power the combination attack. However, Gabite used Dig and Flareon dodged, causing the combo move to miss.

Flareon used the moment to fire a Shadow Ball and hit Pachirisu. Mamoswine used Hidden Power, which both of Ursula's Pokémon dodged, and Mamoswine got struck by another Shadow Ball. As Pachirisu ran into a hole made y Gabite's Dig, Gabite and Flareon used Dragon Claw and Fire Fang to attack Mamoswine, hurting it badly. Mamoswine fired an Ice Shard at the hole, and Pachirisu's Discharge repeated Dawn's earlier combo attack. Mamoswine used Ancient Power on one of the holes, causing Pachirisu to jump out and hurl the icy ball. Pachirisu fired the attack, combined with Mamoswine's Hidden Power, causing both of Ursula's Pokémon to get hit. As Mamoswine and Pachirisu went to use Hidden Power and Discharge, Ursula ordered her Pokémon to dodge, but it was until the last moment she saw that the previous attack had caused her Pokémon to faint.[4]

Known moves


  1. ^ DP114: Another One Gabites the Dust!, Gabite does not have a grooved fin