Route 10 is the roadway connecting Opelucid City to the infamous Victory Road. It's a rugged forest area and two wooden bridges have been built across a gushing river, which flows from the east of the route towards the south. At the eastern end of the path one will find the Badge Check Gates.

Cheren and Bianca will appear when once one has crossed the first bridge. Guessing that the player character is on the way to the Pokémon League, Cheren challenges to test skill. Once he's beaten, Bianca hands a Max Revive. Both of them share words of encouragement before leaving, with Bianca doing so in her usual awkward manner.

Unova Route 10 JetBadge

The Jet Badge Gate.

There are eight Badge Check Gates; one for each Badge that can be earned, otherwise the guards won't allow to pass without the necessary Badge. The appearance of the Gate areas correspond to the Badge's Gym. For example, the Trio Gate has tables and chairs, in a reference to the Striaton City Gym's restaurant area; and the Insect Gate has a stairway carved into a large bug statue.

Once passing all the checks, the player character only has one final test standing between entering the Pokémon League: Victory Road.

In Pokémon Black and White 2, Victory Road sloped sides experiences a landslide and cave in, causing the Badge Check Gates to relocate to Route 23. As a precaution, Route 10 Became unvisited. Even they use Walk Through Walls, Route 10 is blocked by Trees.


There are eight trainers here, one of which is the rival, Cheren.

Trainer Pokémon Level
Battle GirlBWsprite
Battle Girl
560 Scrafty 39
619 Mienfoo 39
Gain: Poké Dollar1248
Trainer Pokémon Level
Ace Trainer(M)BWsprite
Ace Trainer
611 Fraxure 39
536 Eelektrik 39
617 Accelgor 39
Gain: Poké Dollar2340
Trainer Pokémon Level
615 Cryogonal 39
594 Alomomola 39
556 Maractus 39
Gain: Poké Dollar3200
Trainer Pokémon Level
Black BeltBWsprite
Black Belt
539 Sawk 40
Gain: Poké Dollar1280
Trainer Pokémon Level
525 Boldore 38
533 Gurdurr 38
Gain: Poké Dollar1216
Trainer Pokémon Level
Ace Trainer(F)BWsprite
Ace Trainer
586 Sawsbuck 40
593 Jellicent 40
Gain: Poké Dollar2400
Trainer Pokémon Level
614 Beartic 39
537 Seismitoad 39
589 Escavalier 40
Gain: Poké Dollar3200


Level 43
Type NormalType Flying
Level 43
Type Dark
Starter: Snivy Starter: Tepig Starter: Oshawott
Level 45
Type Fire Type Fighting
Level 45
Type Water
Level 45
Type Grass
Level 43
Type Grass
Level 43
Type Fire
Level 43
Type Water


Pokémon Level Rarity How
Herdier 507 33-39 Uncommon Grass
Bouffalant 626 34-40 Uncommon Grass
Foongus 590 30-35 Rare Grass, 'Item balls'
Sawk 539 33-41 Rare GrassBlack icon Rustling GrassWhite icon
Throh 538 33- 41 Rare GrassWhite icon Rustling Grass Black icon
Rufflet 627 39-41 Uncommon GrassWhite icon
Vullaby 629 36-41 Uncommon GrassBlack icon
Amoonguss 591 39-40 Rare Dark grass, 'item balls'
Emolga 587 34 Rare Rustling Grass
Audino 531 33-36 Common Rustling Grass
Stoutland 508 36 Rare Rustling Grass
Tyrogue 236 Mass Outbreak

Dark Grass

  • Amoonguss
  • Bouffalant
  • Herdier
  • Rufflet (White only)
  • Sawk (Black only)
  • Throh (White only)
  • Vullaby (Black only)


Item Obtained
Bag Dusk Stone Sprite

Dusk Stone
Given by a man south of the Hiker.
Bag Dawn Stone Sprite

Dawn Stone
Western part of dark grass.
Bag Full Restore Sprite

Full Restore
Patch of grass by female Ace Trainer.
Full Heal Sprite

Full Heal
In the grass behind the Battle Girl.
Bag Hyper Potion Sprite

Hyper Potion
Western part of dark grass.
Bag Max Potion Sprite

Max Potion
Hidden. Narrow ledge by Opelucid City entrance.
Normal TM Sprite

TM05 Roar
Southeast of the Hiker.
Max Revive Sprite

Max Revive x2
From Bianca after beating Cheren.

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