Union Cave is a cave in Johto linking Route 32 and Azalea Town. One Lapras can be found during Fridays at night, and a new one appears every Friday.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Level Rate Version How
HGSS 027 frontSandshrew 6 30%Gold, Sliver, Crystal, HeartGold Walking
HGSS 074 frontGeodude 6 30% Gold, Sliver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSliver Walking
HGSS 041 front Zubat 5-7 75% (Heart Gold and Soul Silver) 25% Gold and SilverGold HeartGold and SoulSliver Walking
HGSS 019 front Rattata 4-6 10% (Pokemon HeartGold and Gold)
HeartGold SoulSliver Walking
Buizel 25 25% Heartgold Grass (Sinnoh Sound)
Wurmple 23 25% HeartGold SoulSliver Grass (Hoenn Sound)
HGSS 163 front Hoothoot 24 50% Heartgold SoulSliver Headbutt Trees
HGSS 114 front Tangela 3-7 50% Heartgold SoulSliver Headbutt Trees
HGSS 072 front Tentacool 10-20 75% (Super Rod)
50% (Old Rod)
HeartGold SoulSliver Fishing with Old or Good Rod, Surf
Quagsire 25 50% HeartGold SoulSliver Surf
HGSS 131 front Lapras 30 Once per week HeartGold SoulSliver Talking to it on BF3


Union Cave Room 1 Union Cave Room 2 Union Cave Room 3

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