Unaware is an ability introduced in Generation IV. The ability allows the user to ignore stat changes of the opponent.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type Obtained
#036 Clefable 036.png Type Fairy.gif Dream World
#194 Wooper 194.png Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Dream World
#195 Quagsire 195.png Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Dream World
#399 Bidoof 399.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#400 Bibarel 400.png Type Normal.gifType Water.gif Natural
#527 Woobat 527.png Type Psychic.gifType Flying.gif Natural
#528 Swoobat 528.png Type Psychic.gifType Flying.gif Natural
#789 Cosmog 789.png Type Psychic.gif Natural
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