Zzzzzt! Thizzz place is completely wrecked! What in the world happened here?

–Pokédex Rotom, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Ultra Ruin is one of the several worlds of Ultra Space accessible through rarity 4 White Warp Holes in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon after defeating Necrozma. It's the home of Guzzlord.


The Ultra Ruin is a destroyed futuristic Hau'oli City with most of its inhabitants had escaped to another planet.

Some debris is reminiscent of the Hau'oli City from the player's dimension, such as one of the gate from the city's entrances, the red fences painted by Ilima, the chipped wall where the Poké Finder was first used, and a rusted sign reading: "...oli... ...ity Ha... "Servi... ... ...ity's... ...need...", which resembles the City Hall sign.


A Guzzlord is found once each visit in Ultra Ruin. It has an aura that boosts its Attack by two stages.

799 Sprite.gif
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Beast Boost
Held item:


The Ultra Ruin debuted in "Battling the Beast Within!", when Ash and Pikachu were accidentally brought there by Tapu Koko's power. It is there he meets Dia, a former Ultra Ranger who was residing in the devastated city along with a Zeraora.

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