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Ultra Plant is one of the several worlds of Ultra Space accessible though Rarity 1, 2 and 3 White Warp Holes in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon after defeating Necrozma, it's the home of Xurkitree.


Ultra Plant is an electric land with mountains connecting each other with paths resembling Xurkitree's arms, in the mountains its possible to see rocks made of Thunder Stone and lighting will hit the ground when the player across the roads, the player can see several Xurktree walking at paths unaccessible by it.


A Xurkitree is found at each visit in Ultra Plant. It has an aura that boosts its Special Attack by two stages.

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Type Electric.gif
Beast Boost
Held item:


The player character can find 6 Thunder Stones at the Ultra Plant.

  • By the rock south of the Ultra Wormhole (hidden)
  • In the rightmost corner of the first area (hidden)
  • By the rock to the right of the north end of the first bridge (hidden)
  • By the rock to the east of where Xurkitree is encountered (hidden)
  • By the rock to the west of where Xurkitree is encountered (hidden)
  • By the rock behind where Xurkitree is encountered (hidden)