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This Dragonair is a Dragon-type Pokémon owned by Ultra Guardians.


Dragonair was a member of Poké Ride. It was used as Lana's ride during the Ultra Guardians' mission to search for Buzzwole and capture it.[1] It was used again as a ride by Lana during the Ultra Guardian's mission to prevent any damage caused in the time of Celesteela's takeoff. It used Ice Beam to freeze the rocks around the area where Celesteela would take off, and helped prevent a forest fire.[2]

Dragonair was used during the Ultra Guardian's mission to capture Blacephalon and Xurkitree.[3] It was used for tracking Ash, Lillie and Sophocles after they were turned small when Faba's machine malfunctioned.[4] Dragonair was used again during the Ultra Guardian's mission to capture Stakataka after it was stolen by Viren.[5] Then later, it went with Lana and her friends to a Pokémon Paradise Resort where they can spend a relaxing day there.[6]

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