Ultra Guardians

From left to right: Mallow, Lana, Ash, Lillie, Sophocles, and Kiawe.

The Ultra Guardians (ウルトラガーディアンズ -) are a task force working for the Aether Foundation, dedicated to capturing the Ultra Beasts.


During the wedding of Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet, Lusamine and her foundation invited Ash, Lana, Kiawe, Mallow, Sophocles, and Lillie to join the Ultra Guardians to help deal with future Ultra Beast incidents, which they accepted.

They also have an alternate future counterpart known as the Ultra Rangers. However, an Ultra Beast known as Guzzlord was deemed too powerful for them, and eventually they failed to protect Alola from its dystopian destruction, with one of the region’s survivors manage to escape, or went into hiding where they can be found by the surviving former ranger, Dia and his Zeraora safely to find shelters and calls their former ranger colleagues from that Ultra Beast. Until the sudden appearance of Ash and his Pikachu into the Ultra Rangers' universe cause the Shiny Tapu Koko resurfaced to aid both Ash and Dia to defeat Guzzlord once and for all, restoring the alternate Alola.





Ultra Guardians assisted

Lunala anime
Lunala *

Nebby Solgaleo
Nebby *

Geodude SM095
Geodude (multiple) *

Graveler SM095
Graveler (multiple) *

Hiker Golem
Golem *

Ultra Guardians befriended

Ultra Guardians watching over

Ride Pokémon

Ultra Guardian Ash's Ride Garchomp
Garchomp *

Ultra Guardian Mallow's Ride Flygon
Flygon *

Ultra Guardian Sophocles's Ride Metang
Metang *


  • Suits
  • Max Potions
  • Full Restores
  • Beast Balls - used to capture the Ultra Beasts
  • Ride Pokémon


  • The Ultra Guardians' suits are identical outside of color differences (for example, Ash wearing blue and Kiawe red).
    • Ash and Lana both wear blue, but different shades to differentiate them.
    • The suits are similar to the Sentai uniform worn by the characters in various Sentai series but not wearing their Sentai helmets.
      • The suit up is also similar to G Gundam's Combat Suit, and the uniforms have similar suits design as Timeranger's pre-Ranger form Chrono Change suit.
  • As the heroes' Pokémon transform into Ultra Guardians, the females are given ribbons while the males are given pendants. However, genderless Pokémon are random, with Naganadel, Silvally and Melmetal being randomly designated as a "male" while Shaymin being randomly designated as a "female".
  • In her Ultra Guardians' suit, Lillie brings back her ponytail hairstyle.
  • Five of the seven ride Pokemon for the Ultra Guardians are Dragon-type, with the exceptions being Kiawe's Charizard and Sophocles's Metang.
  • When the group is shown on their Ride Pokémon, Kiawe is on what is most likely his usual Charizard while Ash (having previously been on one early into his Kalos adventure) is on a Garchomp.
    • Ash himself owns a Charizard and Noivern has flown on the former previously, but he is more battle-minded than the Ride Pokémon.
  • Each Ultra Guardian Trainer shares the same designs on each two different Z-Ring designs, particularly on each ring, but different colours. Ash's Z-Ring was different before getting an upgrade.
  • Ash has captured more Ultra Beasts than any member with a total of 4.


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