This Crustle is a bug/rock-type Pokémon owned by Ultimo.


Ultimo used his Crustle to battle against Virgil and his Vaporeon in the Vertress Conference. Vaporeon used Shadow Ball, which was able to hit Crustle badly, and Crustle used X-Scissor but Vaporeon dodged the attack by jumping away. Crustle then used Rock Wrecker but Vaporeon jumped away again and it used Hydro Pump while Crustle used Rock Wrecker again, colliding with Hydro Pump. Vaporeon proceeded to use Aurora Beam, which suprised Crustle and its trainer, and landed on Crustle. Vaporeon used one last Hydro Pump and that was able to defeat Crustle, eliminating Ultimo from the Vertress Conference.

Known moves

  • Using X-Scissor
  • Using Rock Wrecker
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