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Ula'Ula Island.png

Ash Ula'ula Island is an island in the Alola region. The Guardian Deity is Tapu Bulu, which is found at the Ruins of Abundance. The Lake of the Sunne/Moone is located in this island. This island consists of:

Island Challenge

There are two trial captains and a Kahuna/officer who goes by the name of Nanu.

Name Class Location Type Totem Pokémon
Sophocles.pngSophocles Trial Captain Hokulani Observatory Electric

Vikavolt (Sun/Moon)
Togedemaru (Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon)

Acerola.pngAcerola Trial Captain Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site) in Route 14 Ghost 778Mimikyu.pngMimikyu
Nanu.pngNanu Kahuna Docks in Malie City Dark No Totem (Kahuna Battle)


  • This was the last of the Alolan islands Ash had journeyed to during his time at the Pokémon School.