This Sceptile is a grass-type Pokémon owned by Tyson.


Sceptile was used to battle a Trainer's Aggron. It evaded Aggron's Metal Claw with Detect, then retaliated with Bullet Seed. Aggron repeated its attack, but Sceptile's Detect let it evade once more. It then charged to use Solar Beam, and fired it in time to prevent Aggron from using Metal Claw, and defeated it.[1] During the next round, it fired Solar Beam and defeated a Rhydon. When Tyson learned he would face Ash in the next round, he sent his Pokémon team out, including Sceptile. He motivated them to do their best, and started his training. The next day, Tyson sent Sceptile to battle Ash's Glalie. The two fired Solar Beam and Ice Beam, causing an explosion in that collision.[2] After the smoke disappeared, both Pokémon fainted from the collision.[3]

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