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This Meowth is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Tyson.


Tyson found Meowth in a weak condition after a battle with a Persian, and decided to help it. Due to being quite hurt, Tyson outfitted it with boots to give its feet support and a hat. It became a loyal companion after that, though it has a bitter hatred of Persian to the point that it would severely injure them.[1] It was strong enough to evolve into a Persian, but it refused to do; Tyson assumed Meowth was too prideful to do such a thing.

Seeing Ash and his friends getting attacked by a flock of Murkrow, Tyson had his Meowth help them. Meowth used Fury Swipes to attack the Murkrow, dispersing them. After the two sides met each other and had lunch at the restaurant, Tyson quickly went out with his Meowth to the Pokémon Center, as they were torch runners. While Tyson did successfully come on time and bear the torch to the finish line, he was alarmed when two frauds stole the torch when nobody was looking. The two met up with the heroes, and tracked down the frauds, who turned out to be Team Rocket. In the battle, Team Rocket dropped the torch, which Tyson's Meowth successfully secured. Team Rocket's Meowth confronted it, and was distrubed when Tyson's Meowth said it was a disgrace to all the Meowth on the world. Tyson's Meowth dared Team Rocket's Meowth to attack, only to blast him away with an Iron Tail, and defeat the rest of the enemy with a Thunderbolt.[2]

When Team Rocket made their attempt to steal Pokémon, Tyson's Meowth appeared, insulting Team Rocket's Meowth before blasting them off with Iron Tail. During the battle in the Hoenn League, Meowth faced a Persian, who used Fury Swipes. Meowth used Double Team to evade, but was struck by Water Pulse. Persian then went to use Shadow Ball, but Meowth stopped it with Iron Tail and fired a Thunderbolt to electrocute Persian. Persian was defeated, but Meowth went to attack it further to injure it. Tyson grabbed Meowth, to prevent any further damage.[1] Meowth battled a Trainer's Rhydon in the Hoenn League, and defeated it with Iron Tail, earning Tyson another victory.[3]

Before his battle against Ash, Tyson gave all his Pokémon a speech, saying that they needed to give their best to defeat Ash's Pokémon, and all his Pokémon started to train for the battle. Team Rocket's Meowth took Tyson's Meowth's attention, to warn it about Pikachu's power. However, Tyson's Meowth didn't worry too much, as it slashed some branches with a single cut, showing its power. Team Rocket's Meowth was a bit jealous, calling it an amateur, but was knocked down by a falling branch.[4]

As his Metagross was defeated in the semi-finals, Tyson sent Meowth as his final Pokémon in the Hoenn League. Pikachu evaded its Slash, and fired Thunderbolt, to which Meowth countered with a Thunderbolt of its own. Pikachu used Thunder, but was countered again by Meowth's Thunderbolt. Pikachu went to use Quick Attack, but hit a Double Team illusion. Meowth went on offensive with an Iron Tail, clashing with Pikachu's Iron Tail. Pikachu went to use another Quick Attack and collided with Meowth's Slash. After countering Pikachu's Thunder with Thunderbolt, Meowth used Iron Tail, as did Pikachu, causing both Pokémon to get struck. After hitting each other, both Pokémon were wounded and exhausted: Pikachu fell down, making Meowth and Tyson as the winners.[5]

In the end, Tyson and Meowth departed away with Morrison, bidding farewell to the heroes as they returned to their hometowns.[6]

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