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This Hariyama is a fighting-type Pokémon owned by Tyson.


Before his battle against Ash, Tyson gave all his Pokémon a speech, saying that they needed to give their best to defeat Ash's Pokémon, and all his Pokémon started to train for the battle.[1]

During the semifinals of the Hoenn League, after his Shifty was defeated, Tyson sent Hariyama to battle Ash's Torkoal. Torkoal fired Flamethrower, which Hariyama countered with Arm Thrust, and its Thick Fat allowed it to reduce that damage. It then used Brick Break, defeating Torkoal. Ash sent Corphish, who fired Bubble Beam. Hariyama evaded this attack and used Brick Break, which Corphish evaded. Corphish then used Crabhammer to collide with Hariyama's Focus Punch, but the former was defeated from this collision. After a pause, the battlefield changed to a rocky field, where Ash sent Swellow out. Harrison's Hariyama countered Swellow's Peck and slammed Swellow to a rock with Seismic Toss. Swellow charged once more, this time bypassing Haryiama's Focus Punch and defeating it with Aerial Ace.[2]

Known moves


  1. ^ "RS132: At the End of the Fray", Hariyama took less damage from Ash's Torkoal's Flamethrower.