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Turnback Cave's location.

Turnback Cave is a cave in Sinnoh that can be found by going to Sendoff Spring, which is located past Spring Path. The player character can only go to Spring Path if they've received their National Pokédex.

Turnback Cave is home to the legendary Pokémon, Giratina. In Platinum, after beating or catching Giratina in the Distortion World, a portal will bring to Sendoff Spring. Until the player character beats her, Cynthia will be blocking the entrance to Turnback Cave. 

To get there, the player character must go to Veilstone City. Then goes to the south exit, which is Route 214. Go down a bit, then go to the little opening the player character sees to the east. Run east and north on that path until the player character reaches Sendoff Spring. There are two places to use Rock Climb. Go to the one east of the two trees. After using Rock Climb, go across and back until the player character reaches another place where the player character can use Rock Climb, then go down there, and go in the cave, and the player character is in.

Once inside, the player character has to go room to room, choosing one of four directions, in order to find a total of three pillars. Upon finding the third pillar, any entrance you choose will lead to the room where Giratina awaits the player character. The player character can battle it by interacting with it, or if the player character have finished the battle and go back, that room also contains 1 of 4 daily items, depending on how fast you got there: Reaper Cloth, Nugget, Rare Bone or Stardust. Every room is filled with fog, apart from the room with the portal. Apart from the first, last and pillar-containing rooms, all rooms have breakable rocks.

The player character can go through a maximum of 30 rooms before being sent back to the beginning, or the player character can go through the same door as you entered the room through. 

If you are playing Platinum, there will be a portal to the Distortion World in the final room. If Giratina fainted in the Distortion World at Spear Pillar, it will reappear here, but as its Altered Forme, and the portal cannot be accessed until you defeat, flee from, or catch Giratina. Entering this portal will take you to a new, small section of the Distortion World where you can acquire the Griseous Orb, Giratina's special item.

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