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Turffield is a town in Galar. It connects Route 4 to the south and Route 5 to the east.

Places of Interest

Turffield Stadium

Main article: Turffield Stadium

Turffield Stadium is the first Gym in Galar that the player challenges. The Gym specializes in Grass-type Pokémon, and the Gym Leader is Milo.

Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center is located just next to the Route 4 entrance.

Turffield Geoglyph

A large geoglyph on a hill located in the southwest end seems to depict a giant Pokémon under a swirling cloud of darkness.

While the geoglyph seems to depict a Gigantamax Toxtricity, as you can see its eye shape, spikes, and tail matches with its gigantamax form.

Stone Puzzle

There are mysterious standing stones across the town:

  • Grass stone
  • Flying stone
  • Poison stone
  • Water stone
  • Dark stone
  • Fire stone

To solve the puzzle, the player should interact with the Grass, Water and then Fire stone in that order, after talking to the girl in the southwest of the town. Upon interacting with the Fire stone, the player would find an Expert Belt buried in the ground.



A Crawdaunt spawns in the river.

Crawdaunt XY.gif
Hyper Cutter
Shell Armor
Held item:


Item Games Location/Method
X Attack Sprite.png X Attack SW/SH In the west, next to the Flying-type stone (×3)
Bag Leaf Stone Sprite.png Leaf Stone SW/SH In the west, opposite from the Water-type stone (hidden)
Fresh Water Sprite.png Fresh Water SW/SH In the west, on the blue drinking fountain (hidden)
Revive Sprite.png Revive SW/SH In the west, from Sonia (×2)
Energy Root Sprite.png Energy Root SW/SH In the second bush east from the Pokémon Center (hidden)
Max Revive Sprite.png Max Revive SW/SH Southwest of the stadium, accessed by going west of the flower shop
Everstone.png Everstone SW/SH Southeast of the stadium, in the dead end by some fallen stones (hidden)
Dark TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM97 SW/SH Just southeast of the stadium, obscured by a dark tree
Expert Belt.png Expert Belt SW/SH Found buried in the ground by the Fire-type stone after the player interacts with the girl in the west and then interacts with the Grass-, Water-, and Fire-type stones in this order
Grass TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM11 SW/SH In the fenced-off area in the northeast, accessed via the river



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In other languages

Language Name
English Turffield
Spanish Pueblo Hoyuelo
Italian Turffield
French Greenbury
German Turffield
Japanese ターフタウン
Korean 터프마을
Simplified Chinese 草路镇
Traditional Chinese 草路鎮