Turboblaze (ターボブレイズ) is a Dragon-type ability exclusive to Reshiram and White Kyurem introduced in Generation V.


In-Game Text
Generation VMoves can be used regardless of Abilities.
Generation VIMoves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.

The Pokémon with this ability ignores the following abilities.

Ability Effect
Battle ArmorProtects from Critical Hits.
Big PecksDefense Stat cannot be lowered.
Clear BodyStats cannot be lowered.
ContraryReverses stat changes.
DampDenies use of Explosion or Self-Destruct.
Dry Skin Fire-type moves/Sunlight damage while Water-type moves/Rain heals.
FilterSuper effective damage is reduced by 25%.
Flash FireFire-type moves increase Fire-type damage by 1.5x.
Flower GiftAttack and Special Defense of self and allies is increased by 1.5x.
HeatproofFire-type and BURN damage is halved.
Heavy MetalWeight is doubled.
Hyper CutterAttack Stat cannot be lowered.
ImmunityCannot be PTBSONED.
Inner FocusCannot flinch.
InsomniaCannot SLEEP.
Keen EyeAccuracy Stat cannot be lowered.
Leaf GuardPrevents status problems in sunlight.
LevitateProtects from Ground-type moves.
Light MetalWeight is halved.
Lightning RodDraws in all Electric-type moves.
LimberCannot be PARALYZED.
Magic BounceReflects non-damaging moves onto the opponent.
Magma ArmorCannot be FROZEN.
Marvel ScaleBoosts Defense by 50% when inflicted with a status condition.
Motor DriveRaises Speed by one stage if hit by an Electric-type move.
MultiscaleReduces damage taken by half when at full HP.
ObliviousCannot be infatuated or taunted.
Own TempoCannot be Confused.
Sand VeilRaises evasiveness by one stage if in a Sandstorm.
Shell ArmorProtects from Critical Hits.
Shield DustProtects from additional effects.
SimpleDoubles stat changes.
Snow CloakRaises evasiveness by one stage if in Hail.
Solid RockSuper effective damage is reduced by 25%.
SoundproofProtects from sound-based moves.
Sticky HoldProtects from item theft.
Storm DrainDraws in all Water-type moves.
SturdyCannot be knocked out from full HP.
Suction CupsCannot be forced to switch out.
Tangled FeetRaises evasiveness by one stage if confused.
TelepathyPrevents damage taken from allies.
Thick FatFire and Water-type damage is halved.
UnawareIgnores the opposing Pokémon's stat changes.
Vital SpiritCannot SLEEP.
Volt AbsorbRestores HP if hit by an Electric-type move.
Water AbsorbRestores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
Water VeilCannot be BURNED.
White SmokeStats cannot be lowered.
Wonder GuardCannot receive non-super effective damage.
Wonder SkinNon-damaging moves have 50% accuracy.


PokédexPokémon TypeAbilities
#643 Reshiram
Type DragonType Fire Generation V
#646 White
Type DragonType Ice
Green indicates the ability is known naturally
Yellow indicates the ability is only known through the Dream World
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