This Salamence is a dragon/flying-type Pokémon owned by Dome Ace Tucker.


Tucker used his Salamence to fly to the Battle Frontier's opening ceremony. Emerald jumped on Salamance, startling both Tucker and Salamence. When Salamence appeared at the ceremony, Tucker wasn't on Salamence anymore but Emerald was on it instead.[1] Salamence was with Tucker and the other Frontier Brains, who made a deal with Emerald.[2] Since Emerald won the Battle Factory challenge, Tucker, who was on Salamence, came with Brandon to face Emerald.[3]

Salamence was with Tucker, who tended to Noland in the hospital.[4] Tucker and Salamence faced Emerald, as the Frontier Brains suspected him to be Noland's attacker, who stole Sceptile from the storage system.[5] Just as Emerald claimed he was on a mission to find Jirachi, Tucker had Salamence stop him, since Tucker wished to know if that mission was Emerald's real intent on coming to the Battle Frontier.[6] While facing Guile, Tucker had Salamece use Fire Blast. However, Guile waved his sword and repelled all attacks away from the Frontier Brains.[7] After coming to the Battle Arena, Tucker had Salamence breathe fire out to impress the press, claiming he and the Frontier Brains were just training intensely.[8]

Just as Emerald came to the Battle Dome, Tucker flew to impress Emerald, who noticed Salamence was carrying the Dome Ace.[9] Tucker also joined the tournament with his Salamence.[10] Tucker faced Sapphire, having his Salamence battle her Aggron, Rono. Sapphire lost the battle, so Tucker moved on to the finals, where he faced Emerald.[11] Ruby and Sapphire suspected Tucker would first use Salamence against Emerald. This also made them remember their first encounter with Salamence in Johto.[12] After Tucker won the battle, he flew up on Salamence to the top of the building. There, the Frontier Brains saw Guile captured Jirachi.[13]

Due to Guile sending the Battle Factory's rental Pokémon out to cause trouble, Tucker had Salamence handle the situation.[14] However, they faced the sea Pokémon, Kyogre, that Jirachi created from Guile's wish.[15] Thus, the Frontier Brains tried to calm down the rental Pokémon, while also dealing with the flood.[16] Unfortunately, the sea Kyogre swept them away with the force of the ocean.[17]

Tucker's Salamence intimidated Team Aqua and Magma admins; they wanted to know where Zinnia was, but the admins replied she didn't say where she went to.[18]

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Tucker's Salamence Fire Blast
Fire Blast Skirting Around Surskit I
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.