This Trumbeak is a normal/flying-type Pokémon who appeared in First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!.


Trumbeak is the mother of Pikipek tribe lead by her husband Toucannon. She was first seen flying with the flocks of Pikipek and her adopted son Rowlet to get fruits from other Pokemon and humans. In the evening, Trumbeak scolded Rowlet for mistaken the wind-chime for a berry, but he fell asleep, thus Trumbeak woke him up and scolded him even louder and Rowlet had to fly away to get an actual fruit. Later, Trumbeak praised Rowlet for giving the watermelon to Toucannon.

Then, when the Pikipek were caught by Team Rocket, Trumbeak and Toucannon tried to use Bullet Seed to defeat the intruders, but got caught as well. Luckily, Rowlet saved them. In the end, she and the rest of the tribe bid farewell to Rowlet for his new journey with his new fitting trainer Ash Ketchum.

She and the rest of her family had a brief reunion with Rowlet asking it they had seen a yellow Oricorio.

After Rowlet lost to Hau's Dartrix because of the former ended up humiliating himself for held his back during a battle, Trumbeak and Toucannon teaches Rowlet how to use Bullet Seed using pieces of small rocks, but failed, with Rowlet discover the way to use his own Bullet Seed, using the Everstone he suddenly stumbled as his signature slingshot weapon for a newly developed Seed Bomb, meaning it may cost him unable to evolve much to Ash, Rotom and Pikachu’s horror.

Known moves

  • Using Bullet Seed


  1. ^ SM097: No Stone Unturned! has Rowlet call Trumbeak “mama”

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