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This Frillish is a Water/Ghost-type Pokémon owned by Trip.


Frillish was the third and last Pokémon Trip used during his battle with Ash in the Battle Club. Ash's Pidove fired Air Cutter, but Frillish used Protect, negating the attack and easily defeating Pidove with a single Water Pulse. He then fought Ash's Snivy, where he used his ability Cursed Body to disable Snivy's Vine Whip attack. Snivy used Leaf Storm, but was countered by Frillish's Protect move. Frillish retaliated with Night Shade, but was hit by Snivy's Leaf Storm. Snivy tried to affect Frillish with Attract, but Frillish dodged. Frillish got hit by Leaf Blade, a move that got disabled with Frillish's Cursed Body. To finish Snivy off, Frillish used Water Pulse, confusing Snivy, before finally defeating her with Hex.[1]

It was seen again in a flashback defeating Ash's Snivy with a Water Pulse and Hex attack.[2]

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