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The Trainer Tower is a location in the Sevii Islands in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen where Trainers challenge the player character in a building where, after each battle, the player character proceeds to the next floor. The Trainers will have up to two Pokémon (depending on the battle type) that are the same level as the player's highest level Pokémon. The battles are timed, and the player's goal is to beat the current record every time they battle. The starting record is 59min 59secs.

There are four different battle types. They are Single, Double, Mixed, and Knockout. At the top of the tower, there is a man who will reward the player character with either the King's Rock, the Metal Coat, the Dragon Scale, or the Up-Grade the first time the player beats the current record.

There also are 3 Trainers with a Shiny Pokémon each. One has a shiny Espeon, one has a Seaking, and the other has a shiny Meowth.

Battle Types

In Single Mode, the player battles one Trainer per floor. Each Trainer will have three Pokémon. Beating the Trainer will allow the player to move onto the next floor.

In Double Mode, the player takes on two Trainers per floor in a double battle. The Trainers will have one Pokémon each. Beating a pair of Trainers will allow the player to move onto the next floor.

In Knockout Mode, the player battles three Trainers in a row. Each Trainer will have one Pokémon. beating all three Trainers will allow the player to move onto the next floor. The player cannot heal until all the Trainers on a floor are beaten.

Mixed Mode serves as a combination of the previous battle types. The first few battles will always be a single battle.

Poké Mart

Generation III

Item Price
Ultra Ball 1200
Full Restore 3000
Hyper Potion 1200
Full Heal 600
Max Repel 700
Great Ball 600
Max Potion 2500
Revive 1500
Escape Rope 550


You get the King's Rock, Metal Coat, Up-Grade, and Dragon Scale after defeating Mixed Mode, Knockout Mode, Single Mode, and Double Mode respectively.

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