For other versions of Toucannon belonging to Kahili, see Kahili's Toucannon.

This Toucannon, nicknamed Touckey, is a normal/flying-type Pokémon owned by Kahili.


Kahili was being chased by the reporters, but her Toucannon, Katsuo, managed to fend them off. As the two wandered off, Kahili considered retiring, but the class hit a baseball that was heading her way. Katsuo gave her a golf club and protected her, but Kahili calmed it down as she introduced them to the heroes. Sophocles asked if she could teach the group to play PokéGolf. Kahili hesitated, and while Kukui thought they should not involve the woman into such tasks, her Katsuo pushed Kahili to give that a chance. Thus, Kahili accepted the task: the group went to a field, accompanied by a golf caddie. Kahili, during the tour, gave the heroes the tips on PokéGolf. She demonstrated hitting the ball, and having Katsuo use Tailwind to get a hole-in-one. The caddie bragged that those were his tricks, but was punished by Katsuo. As Kahili continued teaching, she noticed Katsuo having fun. In the final course, the caddie showed a dangerous, windy canyon-like area, as he thought Kahili could make the shot. Kahili, supported by her friends, took the shot, but the wind blew the golf ball away. For a final move, Kahili had Katsuo use Beak Blast, which pushed the ball into the hole, and Kahili won the round. Some time later, Kahili won a tournament, and dedicated the victory to the children from the Pokémon School, who helped her. Katsuo cheered for her, but heard the caddie's voice and tried to flap that voice away.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Tailwind
  • Using Beak Blast


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